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  • Actor Allusion: When Glenn Close (playing herself) rattles off the list of Best Actor nominees, she pauses after mentioning "Michael Douglas in Primary Urges" to blow him a kiss. One wonders if this was an ad lib on her part, acknowledging her former co-star. Also, Primary Urges is clearly a shout-out to Basic Instinct, which Douglas starred in.
  • Starring a Star as a Star: Big star Matt Dillon plays actor Cameron Drake, who kicks off the story by winning an Oscar for his role as a homosexual soldier, and declaring his inspiration to be his regular-guy drama teacher (played by Kevin Kline), who Drake announces is gay; Dillon himself has never won an Oscar, but got his first nom a few years later
  • Technology Marches On:
    • In-Universe example: A scene has Cameron's supermodel girlfriend befuddled by a rotary-dial telephone in her motel room.
    • At Howards bachelor party they stick a LaserDisc of Funny Girl in Howard's hands. Modern viewers are forgiven if they mistook it for a LP of the soundtrack.
  • Unintentional Period Piece:
    • It may seem strange to some latter-day viewers when the entire town freaks out over the possibility that the high school English teacher is gay. Even if one assumes such a thing could still happen in a small town, it's odd to see the principal be so blunt about firing Howard on the basis of his sexual orientation.
    • Also, the idea of gay marriage is never brought up (understandably, since it was made in 1997). However, marriage equality has become more and more widespread as Society Marches On, so the idea that Howard could still get married someday is not out of the question.
      • Considering the brief fakeout in the ending with the 'unusual couple', it's not exactly never brought up. Ceremonies that were effectively gay marriages without the more straightforwardly-applied legal bond were becoming fairly common by the mid-late nineties.


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