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  • Creative Differences:
    • Subverted with Bill Taylor, as he was beset by numerous serious personal and physical issues that limited the band's touring; he tried to soldier on with both Immolation and Perdition Temple (and even tried to participate in the Angelcorpse reunion shows, but eventually decided against it) before he finally had to leave everything that he was in. He's still very good friends with the band.
    • Also subverted with Alex Hernandez, who had developed numerous serious health problems that were only going to get worse if he stayed in Immolation. After learning that he was going to require surgery, it became a matter of either quitting but being able to preserve his health, or staying and completely destroying his body and eventually having to quit anyways.
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    • Played straighter with Smilowski, as Vigna, Dolan, and Wilkinson were all sick of his laziness and parasitic behavior and eventually kicked him out after he failed to get the hint that he needed to stop sleeping on Vigna's couch and get a job one too many times.
  • Development Hell: The four-year gap between Kingdom of Conspiracy and Atonement is due to a mix of writer's block on Vigna's part and a leg injury on Shalaty's part that caused no small amount of delay. Bill Taylor's departure probably didn't help.
  • The Pete Best: Neal Boback.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Steve Shalaty was a longtime fan of the band before joining who can clearly recall going from hanging out with them at the merch booth and in the parking lot at shows whenever they rolled through the Cleveland area to actually playing for them after Alex Hernandez left.


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