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Trivia / Identity Crisis

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  • Follow the Leader: Set a trend for Darker and Edgier retcons to otherwise innocent stories or characters. Most prominently, "The Secret of Barry Allen" arc in The Flash revealed that Barry went on to have Zatanna turn the Top heroic, then employ the Top's own brainwashing skills to turn the Rogues heroic, although he never specifies which ones and Top blatantly lied about at least one example (Pied Piper).
  • Similarly Named Works: This Identity Crisis is not to be confused with a four issue Superman comicbook story that came out in 1996 and with that exact same title. In this tale, Superman's body is taken over by Brainiac and Supes' soul is trapped within the body of a mentally disturbed child locked in a psychiatric hospital.
    • There was another similarly named event in 1998, but this time at Marvel. As a result of Norman Osborn framing Spider-Man for murder and putting a bounty on his head, Peter Parker tries out four new costumed identities (each one the focus of a given monthly title note ) for two months until he finds a way to exonerate his webbed alter-ego.

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