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Trivia / Hyper Light Drifter

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  • Fan Nickname: A ton of them, thanks to minimalistic style of the game: The boss of the west is called Racoon king, the mysterious jackal is called Anubis due to its striking similarity to the egyptian god.
  • Missing Trailer Scene: Much of the gameplay footage from the earlier trailers didn't make into the final game, among this footage includes a section in which the drifter boards and controls an ancient Mini-Mecha and uses its laser to blast open a door, a section in which the drifter goes down an elevator where several robots similar to the Titans (see the characters sheet) are visible, and a section in which the drifter is on what seems to be a portion of the labs from the south area of the map and one of the many large creatures contained in there attepts to punch its way out of its containment/growth tube.
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  • The Wiki Rule: Why, yes, Hyper Light Drifter does have a wiki, and in it, you're bound to find several theories and plenty of speculation on the game's plot and lore.

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