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Trivia / Hurricanes

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  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: Garkos Gorgons goalkeeper Genghis Khan is wrongfully described at this website as a midfielder.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Curiously enough (or not), many members of the Mexican Spanish dub cast worked in the dubs of many of the Captain Tsubasa TV series, another work about soccer.
    • Ricardo Mendoza (Cal Casey and Jorg Beethoven) voiced Kojiro Hyuga in the 2002 series
    • Yamil Atala (Helmut Beethoven) voiced Carlos Santana in the movies and Hanji Urabe in the 2002 series,
    • Armando Coria (Napper Thompson) voiced Hikaru Matsuyama in the original series & Kojiro Hyuga in the 90s one.
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    • Ricardo Tejedo (Stats Hiro) voiced Ken Wakashimazu in the original series and Roberto Hongo in both the original and 2018 versions.
    • Elsa Covián (Amanda Carey) voiced young Tsubasa Ohzora & Sanae Nakazawa in the original series.

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