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The Novel

  • Casting Gag: As much as it can apply to the fancast of a novel, anyway...
    • Andy Mientus (Connor) is a natural brunet, has played Hanschen Rilow in Spring Awakening twice, and specifically dyed his hair blond for the role of a manipulative, sexually and romantically forward, teenager, who might be bisexual. His brunet bisexual character winds up used as a vessel for a demon, which magic bleaches hair blond, and manifests as a Magnificent Bastard Depraved Bisexual. Or just an "equal-opportunity bastard".
      • His gay brunet character in Smash ends up dead. So did Connor.
      • Black-haired, bespectacled, Deadpan Snarker? Connor Lane or Hartley Rathaway, the Pied Piper?
    • Opposite Mientus for the revival of Spring Awakening is Josh Castille and Daniel David Stewart, who plays the innocent Deaf boy Ernst Robel and his voice, respectively. The amount of material with Mientus and Castille kissing led the authors to facecast Josh as Hartley, an innocent Deaf boy manipulated by blond!Connor. Or, to be technical, Robert.
    • Anton Zetterholm as Rudolf Gerth, the delicate Austrian exchange student. Anton played Rudolf in Elisabeth das Musical, and was the author's first Enjolras. Thus...
  • Creator's Favorite:
    • Charlie's is either Hartley or Rudolf, ey can't quite decide. Rowan is the only character ey created ey doesn't constantly coo at.
    • Ey also has a soft spot for Philip and saved him from dying about thirty times in the first week of co-writing.
    • Brie prefers Connor or Elise. This almost resulted in Lise being an Creator's Pet but the authors hastily hauled her back on track. Well, trying to.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Philip would have died at the end of book two as a Sacrificial Lion.
    • Dakota would have been Rowan and Philip's biological daughter.

The unrelated Game Mod

  • Dummied Out: Due to the mod's long development cycle, this was bound to happen.
    • There was a much different Map Pack in the past, featuring two maps of admittedly very odd design (including a rising lava room) and unpolished Mehanir and Veltanir battles.
    • Nakiel was a playable character that used, as its model... the Guardian from Doom 3. No wonder it was removed.
    • Before Tyzen's creation, there was a strange character by the name of Rahor, but it was never fully completed.
    • There used to be two upgraded versions of existing weapons, the Dark Railgun and the Cynetik Shotgun. They were replaced by the Trakion Cannon and the Cynetik Striker Cannon respectively.
  • Copiously Credited Creator: The mod is basically a one-man job, with a few contributions inbetween.
  • Genre Adultery: Zanieon's favorite setting is that of a clean, civilized Cyberpunk world, which he calls "Industron" (a portmanteau of "Industrial" and TRON), but most of the mod's architecture, being based on Quake 3 Arena, is gothic and not very technological. That said, it is possible to play his Industron maps with the mod, which are also made with it in mind, and aspects of it eventually slip into the mod from time to time.
  • Descended Creator: Zanieon, the Tamer of the Dark, is voiced by... Zanieon, the mod's author.