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  • The Other Darrin: Originally played out as this. Until the big reveal, Sin Cara was "portrayed" by Arias during Urive's suspension for violating WWE's wellness program. The change was lampshaded in the commentary, with comments on his weight change, new moves and his mask improperly fitted. As of December 2013, Hunico is officially repackaged as Sin Cara, since Urive left the WWE.
  • What Could Have Been: Variation. Originally, after losing to Sin Cara and outing himself as Hunico, he was placed into a group with the recently promoted (from FCW and Superstars, respectively) tag team Epico and Primo. Rosa Mendes was expected to join soon after in order to make an Alternate Company Equivalent to TNA's Mexican America. The problem was that Primo and Epico were from (and billed from) Puerto Rico, which is considered a territory/protectorate of the United States. (Oh, and Rosa is part Costa Rican.) Perhaps with seeing the Unfortunate Implications of putting a group of Hispanics together and calling all of them Mexicans, WWE split the stable in half before it got off the ground. Primo and Epico got Rosa (and subsequently became the Tag Team Champions), while Hunico became a singles competitor and was paired with a huge bike-riding lackey named Camacho - also known as former FCW talent Donny Marlow, who is neither Mexican nor Puerto Rican nor Costa Rican, but Tongan. Although one must wonder whether, had they gone through with it, Alberto Del Rio (who, yes, actually is Mexican) would have figured into the equation somehow.

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