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Trivia / Human Traffic

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  • Cast the Expert:
    • When Jip picks up Koop in his car, the radio DJ is played by real-life English radio DJ Pete Tong, who is also the film's musical advisor.
    • Stand-up comedian Jo Brand has a cameo as "Reality", who has a conversation with Moff about his drug problem. In Real Life, Brand was once a psychiatric nurse.
  • Descended Creator: Director Justin Kerrigan plays a minor character named "Ziggy Marlon". He first appears in the record shop scene, asking Koop "Any new jungle in, guy?".
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  • Executive Meddling: The film was re-released in 2002 as Human Traffic Remixed, featuring an updated soundtrack, previously cut scenes, and "state-of-the-art CGI special effects". It was not a Director's Cut, but instead the work of the film's producer, Allan Niblo. In fact, Kerrigan only learned about the project two weeks before it was released.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: The film was created with this purpose in mind, filled with the mindset of the late '90s British counterculture and the "Cool Britannia"/New Labour honeymoon years.

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