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The 1992 Series:

  • The Other Marty: The pilot was originally filmed in 1990 and costarred Clarence Clemons and Frances Fisher. By the time the show was picked up, both of their roles were recast and their scenes reshot.

The 2010 series

  • Actor Allusion:
    • Chi McBride gets to use his Catchphrase from Pushing Daisies in "Salvage and Reclamation."
      Winston: No. Aw, no. Hell no!
    • To an extent, Jackie Earle Haley seems to be very much a mildly more reasonable version of Rorschach. Considering that Human Target is a DC Vertigo comic...
      • In "Tanarak", he tells someone "leave the info at the trash can, next to the diner", he breaks into people's houses a lot, he's constantly eating...
      • And of course in "Imbroglio", the only way the mooks are able to capture Guerrero is literally just jumping on top of him until he's trapped under their bodies.
      • In "Cool Hand Guerrero", he brings up laws and civil liberties (mostly, people infringing on his) with the same ready knowledge and pointed tones of voice as he does with various bad guys the team encounters.
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  • California Doubling: Human Target was filmed in British Columbia, Canada.
  • The Cast Showoff: Jackie Earle Haley has a black belt and has used his martial arts skills in a few episodes.
  • Executive Meddling: Dear God...
    • Fox forced the production team to add female characters, dramatically shaking up the cast dynamic and angering fans because Pucci and Ames weren't considered to be well-written.
    • The dramatic arc from Season 1 was hastily finished in the Season 2 premiere so that the rest of that season could focus on episodic stories.
    • A romance was forcefully shoehorned in despite the fact that Chance and Pucci had little chemistry.
    • Bear McCreary wasn't invited back after the first season, resulting in a much-derided new theme for the Season 2 opening credits and a lesser-received soundtrack.
  • Fake American: Ames is played by British Janet Montgomery.
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  • Fake Brit: Most of the Brits in episode 11. But who cares if Todd the Wraith really sounds Irish? He (the actor) also played/plays Bigfoot, and Druitt (Jack the Ripper) in Sanctuary.
  • Fan Nickname: G-Man - Guerrero.

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