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  • Milestone Celebration: An extra-long 50th episode, created by not editing it at all. And an extra-long 100th episode which is just a round table discussion with special guests.
    • And a two hour 5th anniversary episode which was another discussion group and a crossover with the podcast Wait, What?
  • Name's the Same: Al Kennedy should not be confused with A.L. Kennedy.
  • Schedule Slip: Initially every two weeks except when it wasn't. It was on hold between July and October 2013 following Paul becoming a father, apart from a return to the round table discussion format (without Paul) for House to Astonish: The Shed of Ideas. A similar hiatus ran between June 2014 and March 2015, when Al was about to become a father, apart from a Clip Show of OHOTOH entries called "The Handbook Tapes". Following the return from the second hiatus, there is not regular schedule, but they anticipate it being closer to a month than a fortnight.

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