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  • B-Team Sequel: Russell Mulcahy was attached on the project in the early stages. It was originally supposed to be a prequel too.
  • Creator Backlash: The producers declared it All Just a Dream.
  • Development Hell:
    • Filmed in late 2005, but held up for over two years due to numerous re-edits, which ultimately resulted in two versions being released; the longer "Russian cut" and the eventual US cut. The latter version tones down a lot of the Guardian's over-the-top behavior and fixes some of the effects problems, though adds a narration by Anna which not only fails to clear up the various plot holes, but invalidates the entire premise of the series (the ending of the Russian cut, while somewhat confusing, was at least more open to interpretation). The Russian cut also has a complete soundtrack since the music was cut to pieces when scenes were shortened for the US cut.
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    • The producers had begun planning the film all the way back in 2001 shortly after Endgame was released. One reason for the long gap was the numerous writers working on the script. The original story was developed by Endgame writer Joel Soisson (who is credited under the pseudonym Mark Bradley in the final film) but heavily re-written by writers Peter Briggs, David Abramowitz, and finally Stephen Kelvin Watkins (whose only screenplay credit is this movie).
      • Peter Briggs even anonymously joined the online Highlander fan forums to ask questions about the series from fans. When his involvement on the film ended, Briggs revealed himself and even sends fans copies of his script if they ask for it.
  • Follow the Leader: The US cut's montage of flashback clips, along with Anna's narration, is almost certainly borrowed from Lionsgate's mainstay franchise, the Saw series. Which might not have been a bad thing, given how poorly explained the plot is... if not for the fact that the explanation they went with retcons every prior entry in the franchise.
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  • Franchise Killer: The film's abysmal reception, on top of Highlander III: The Sorcerer and Highlander: Endgame getting middling-at-best reactions and failing at the box-office, and co-producer William Panzer passing away from a head injury shortly after this film's release, put the Highlander franchise into limbo. Talks of a Continuity Reboot have circulated in the years since, but the project hasn't gone anywhere.
  • Quote Source: Of Artistic License – Astronomy
  • Stillborn Franchise: This was supposed to be first in a trilogy of films for Sci-Fi Channel. The negative reactions killed these plans, and ultimately turned it into a Franchise Killer.


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