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  • Actor Allusion: A screenshot from Aaron is framed on Scott's windowsill. What's more is that Ryan tells Scott "family is important" - as a nod to their actors playing brothers in Aaron.
  • Actor-Inspired Element: Quite a lot.
    • James Healy and Kaireht Yovera improvised that Vinnie and Becky weren't together at the Halloween party and fell in love that night.
    • Becky's character overall was greatly expanded by Kaireht Yovera, who largely improvised her Confession Cam segment.
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    • Ryan was written to be a Formerly Fat guy who is constantly underestimated. Thomas Fitzgerald made him into more of a goofball who has trouble being taken seriously.
    • Sara being a yogi was written to accommodate Louise O'Toole.
    • Louise likewise designed Sara's cheerleader costume herself.
    • Paul Sparkes felt Shane wouldn't wear a costume to the party, so he's the only one not dressed for Halloween.
  • Actor-Shared Background: Robert Madden is a vlogger and filmmaker like his character Seth.
  • Awesome, Dear Boy:
    • Bobby Calloway wrote the film specifically because he wanted to play a soldier.
    • James Healy had been a fan of war films and jumped at the chance to be in one.
  • The Cast Show Off:
    • Thomas Fitzgerald and James Healy show off their weightlifting prowess.
    • Louise O'Toole shows off her yoga skills.
    • Bobby Calloway does a series of lion push-ups and a crow pose on camera.
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  • Creator Backlash: Robert Madden was embarrassed by his performance and apologised as a result.
  • Creator Breakdown: The film's Troubled Production proved so stressful that it had to be shelved twice for the sake of Bobby Calloway's mental health.
  • Dawson Casting:
    • Shane was written to be somewhere between late twenties and early thirties. Paul Sparkes was forty-one.
    • Averted with Robert Madden (sixteen). In fact the character was originally college age.
  • Dyeing for Your Art:
    • Bobby Calloway, Thomas Fitzgerald and James Healy all got military haircuts. The latter two also shaved their beards.
    • When Thomas Sharkey was on board, he had his hair cut on camera.
  • Fake American: Bobby Calloway (Scott) and Paul Sparkes (Shane) are British, Robert Madden (Seth) is Irish.
  • Fake Brit: Thomas Fitzgerald (Ryan) is Irish putting on an English accent. He does have English roots however.
  • Funny Character, Boring Actor:
    • Thomas Fitzgerald plays the goofball character (at least early on). In the Q&A video he's much calmer and more soft-spoken.
    • James Healy is an inversion - being much livelier than his character.
  • Irony as She Is Cast: Paul Sparkes and Kaireht Yovera play two of the non-action civilians - when they are avid fitness people in real life.
  • The Other Marty: Thomas Sharkey was cast as Vinnie and filmed some scenes but had to drop out, getting replaced with James Healy.
  • Production Posse:
    • Bobby Calloway, Thomas Fitzgerald and Zeff Lawless had all worked on Aaron together. Kaireht Yovera's picture had also been used in the same film as Adam's girlfriend Arianna.
    • Bobby Calloway and Kaireht Yovera also reunited with the original Vinnie (Thomas Sharkey) for the film Spears.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot:
    • The individual cutaways of each protagonist leaving the house in their fatigues came about because all four actors couldn't be together on the same days.
    • The above reason is also why Shane and Sara are in the back garden for the party scenes.
    • The scene where Shane looks around Scott's room the evening before was supposed to have Seth in there too. But filming ran over schedule and Robert Madden had to leave, so he was cut from the scene.
  • Scully Box: Bobby Calloway had to stand on books when hugging Robert Madden in one of the last scenes - due to the six inch height difference between them.
  • Serendipity Writes the Plot: The interviewees are shown with lavaliere microphones on. They're wearing them because heavy rain was drowning out the sound during those scenes, and it also made sense for them to wear them during interviews.
  • Throw It In!:
    • The Halloween party was mostly improvised. Zeff Lawless suggested having Ryan be passed out drunk and the group drunkenly singing "Stand By Me".
    • Becky's stance as a Drill Sergeant Nasty during the Training Montage was improvised by Kaireht Yovera.
    • Vinnie and Becky's break-up was not in the original script. They set the cameras up and had the actors improvise an argument.
    • Ryan's father was scripted to just say a grudging "good luck". Thomas Fitzgerald ad-libbed him saying he was proud on the first take, and they kept it in.
    • Paul Sparkes asked to leave the camera running during Shane's interview so he could ad-lib the "Scotty's a good kid" speech.
    • Robert Madden had Seth playing with his phone during his scene with Scott because he was having trouble remembering the lines.
    • Bobby Calloway improvised Scott's "you spend your whole life speech", which was unscripted.
  • Troubled Production: The film was first written in 2015 and not put into production until 2016. The first planned filming day had to be cancelled when there was a death in the family, and another actor had a sudden schedule conflict. Production was not picked up again until 2017 - which had to keep being pushed back to accommodate other actors' schedules. By the time it was shot, Thomas Fitzgerald and Louise O'Toole were the only cast members who hadn't been replaced.note  They were so short of crew members that at one point the sound was literally done by whoever didn't need to be in the scene. The filmmakers joked that the film was cursed.
  • Tuckerization:
    • Vinnie and Ryan's last names come from Byron Hayes and Tanita Sikes, who had roles in the film (see below).
    • Sara's last name comes from Katey Harvey.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The very first draft dealt with the protagonists heading off to basic training as opposed to war. Scott would give his "World of Cardboard" Speech to everyone in the room, and convince the boys to get an Important Haircut afterwards. He himself would cut his own hair in the mirror.
    • Bobby Calloway considered another character called Moose - who would be older than everyone and have a wife and children. The character was never included in the script, and any traits of his manifested in Sara's role as the Team Mom.
    • Seth was a girl called Serena in early drafts, to be played by Tanita Sikes. When she dropped out, no replacement actresses could be found before the filming date. So the character was given a Gender Flip to become a boy.
    • In early drafts Vinnie was more of an intelligence officer and Non-Action Guy. The Big Guy role was filled by a fifth soldier called Aiden. Finding him redundant, the character was cut and his traits shared among the rest of the protagonists.
    • Becky didn't exist in the first draft of the script.
    • James Healy was a last minute replacement for another actor who had a scheduling conflict. The original actor later said James was "better than I could hope to be".
    • Thomas Fitzgerald was cast as Vinnie initially but it got changed to Ryan to avoid playing a character too similar to Aaron. When Thomas Sharkey dropped out, he was nearly cast as the replacement Vinnie. At one point he was nearly replaced as Ryan due to a schedule conflict too.
    • Byron Hayes was cast as Shane and did months of preparation for it. He became too busy with other commitments and was replaced with Paul Sparkes.
    • Bobby Calloway wrote Scott to be bitter and cynical about his situation in life. But then he realised someone like Scott would be The Pollyanna who tried to make the best of everything.
    • Only the soldiers had confessionals at first. Along the way, the decision was made to give them to Shane and Becky to flesh out their characters too.
    • Additional home movies scenes of Shane decorating for the party and Sara arriving late (and the bottle of champagne Scott is seen with was a gift from her) were shot but deleted from the film. An alternate opening shot featuring Seth talking to the camera was considered but never filmed.
    • Thomas Fitzgerald was originally going to use his own voice as Ryan. But when Thomas Sharkey dropped out, they needed to diversify the characters. James Healy tested for Vinnie with a Fake American accent, but it was decided that Vinnie was best as an Irish character. Thomas Fitzgerald then made Ryan a Fake Brit.
  • Word of God:
    • Sara has no family of her own, and is a natural loner. She views the Olsens as something of a surrogate family.
    • Vinnie and Ryan rent rooms in the Olsen house as a way of helping Scott and Shane keep it. Ryan's family also still live in England. This is why Ryan says "I know we're all here as well..."
  • Written by Cast Member: Bobby Calloway wrote the film and played Scott.

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