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Trivia / Hey Dude!

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  • Dawson Casting: Averted. Like all Nickelodeon shows, the cast was made up of actual teenagers playing teenagers.
  • Fake Nationality: Danny Lightfoot was a Hopi Native American. His actor, Joe Torres, is Mexican-American.
  • Missing Episode: The season 3 episode "Melody's Brother" was not rerun on TeenNick, supposedly due to Nickelodeon misplacing the master tape. While it's not included in the season 3 set on iTunes, it is included on the season 3 DVD (albeit in much poorer video quality than the rest of the run).
  • One-Book Author: The actors who played Brad, Danny, Lucy, Kyle, and Buddy never had any acting jobs outside of this series. They all debuted on the show and never acted again after it ended.
  • Write Who You Know: In one episode, Danny starts a comic based on the staff, using thinly-veiled expies (e.g. Melody is "Harmony"), and uses it as a vehicle to reveal the worst of their personalities. It's a hit with everyone but the main cast, but Danny eventually realizes the friction in his personal relationships isn't worth it.