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  • The Other Darrin: Beliel is voiced by Masaya Takatsuka instead of Hiroyuki Miyasako.
  • Role Reprise: If a character is not listed under The Other Darrin, then they're this.
    • Notably, Nexus is voiced by Takuji Kawakubo, the actor for Kazuki Komon, the protagonist of Ultraman Nexus. Likely due to Komon becoming nexus in the final episode.
    • This would be the first and last time Shunji Igarashi and Kenji Utsumi would return to reprise their roles as Mebius and Empera in the Compati Heroes series, due to the former's retirement and the latter's passing.
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    • This is the only game in the series where Sota Fukushi reprises his role as Fourze.

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