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Trivia / Heroes of Newerth

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  • Dueling Games: With League of Legends to some extent, but much more so with Dota2. Ho N did less to differentiate itself from the original Dota than League did, so with Dota 2 being similar, with improvements on the multiplayer experience that was one of HoN's biggest selling points, players have been migrating en masse to Dota 2. This has happened even with some of the pro teams, most notably Fnatic making the jump to Dota 2. These days, it seemed to have been beaten by not only Dota 2, but also Smite and Heroes of the Storm. However, HoN isn't completely out of commission yet unlike other MOBAs, lurking as a Cult Classic. Time will tell if it will reclaim its old glory as LOL/Dota's greatest rival game.

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