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Trivia / Hero High

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  • What Could Have Been: Had Filmation's rights to the characters not expired, the Hero High characters would have been the Archie gang.
    • It's fairly apparent that the alterations happened at the last possible moment, as it's ridiculously easy to see just who was meant to be who:
      • Captain California = Archie
      • Glorious Gal = Betty
      • Dirty Trixie = Veronica
      • Rex Ruthless = Reggie
      • Weatherman and Punk Rock = Jughead (Weatherman has Jughead's Big Eater tendencies and is Captain California's best friend, while Punk Rock's facial features largely resemble Jughead's)
      • Miss Grim = Miss Grundy (more than any of the others, these two characters look almost identical, with the same hairstyle and the same sharp nose)
      • Mr. Sampson = Mr. Weatherbee