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For the animated series, see here.

  • The Cast Show Off:
    • In the Latin-American dub, Hercules was voiced by Ricky Martin, and Megara by 90's Televisa superstar Tatiana Chapas. Both of them dubbed their characters' singing and speaking parts.
    • In the Spanish dub, Jordi Vila provided both the singing and dialogue voices of Phil with Vila being an accomplished singer, e.g. the first opening of Dragon Ball.
  • Creator's Favorite: James Woods has cited Hades as his absolute favorite role ever, so much so that he leaps at the opportunity to reprise the role in any future Disney projects, such as the animated series, House of Mouse, Kingdom Hearts and even some theme park bumpers! It's doubtless the reason that Hades and the world of Hercules appears quite frequently in crossovers, despite the film only having average success.
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  • Cut Song: Hercules had a ballad called "Shooting Star" (which was featured in the UK version of the soundtrack performed by Irish boy band Boyzone), and there was an alternate, slower song for Meg called "I Can't Believe My Heart".
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  • Non-Singing Voice:
    • Roger Bart sings for Young Hercules. Josh Keaton explained that due to his voice changing, and the fact that he has more experience singing pop than Broadway, he couldn't hold the last note of "Go the Distance (reprise)" for as long as the writers hoped.
    • As in the Spanish dub, young Hercules and Megara were not voiced by their respective actors in the songs, with Ferran González as Herc and Celia Vergara as Meg dubbing their songs. Also, Mercedes Montalá who voices Muse leader Calliope was replaced by Susan Martin in the songs. Phil and the rest of the Muses avert this by having their actors doing both dialogued and singing voices, though the Muses in the TV Series did have their own dialogue voices and singing voices.
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  • The Other Marty: John Lithgow recorded lines for Hades but was dismissed when Disney realized he didn't fit the role.
  • Playing Against Type:
    • Non-acting example: The art director was Gerald Scarfe, the same person behind the nightmarish animation of The Wall.
    • And another one: Disney veteran Andreas Deja was asked to animate Hades, but he feared that animating another villain (he'd already done a considerable streak of famed villains, animating Gaston, Jafar and Scar one after the other) would be too easy and obvious. So, to challenge himself, he asked to animate a hero instead and was given the job of animating Hercules himself.
  • So My Kids Can Watch: The reason both Danny DeVito and James Woods joined the cast. Woods enjoyed playing Hades so much he agreed to play the voice for any future Disney animation or video game projects.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Donny Osmond auditioned for the part of Hercules before Tate Donovan was cast. However, Osmond was turned down due to the fact that his voice was considered "too deep" for the titular character.
    • John Lithgow was originally cast as Hades and even recorded all of his dialogue for the film, but Disney found that he didn't have the right balance of menace and comedic timing they were looking for.
    • Ed Asner, Ernest Borgnine, Dick Latessa, and Red Buttons auditioned for the part of Phil before Danny DeVito was cast. After Buttons' audition, he said this to the casting directors before departing the studio.
      Buttons: I know what you're gonna do. You're gonna give this part to Danny DeVito!
    • Patrick Stewart, John Goodman, James Belushi, and Geoffrey Peck were considered for Zeus before the casting of Rip Torn.
    • The Spice Girls were originally approached to portray the Muses following an invitation to sing one of the songs, but declined the offer due to scheduling conflicts.
    • The original pitch for the movie was going to be more mythologicaly accurate with Hera as the Big Bad, the Titans as The Starscream, and Hades as something of a sidekick to Hercules. This concept was later used for Hercules And Xena.
    • Meg was initially going to be a bit more of a Damsel in Distress, but since she spent so much time with Hades, when he became a car dealer Susan Egan made her a much stronger woman just from the amount of improv she had to deal with. At some point after her stronger characterization took shape, she was also written as a harsher, angrier character than in the finished film, but the writers eventually started to find her unlikable and made her funnier and more playful.
    • Meg's solo song was originally a sweet romantic ballad called I Can't Believe My Heart, but the writers eventually deemed the song out of character and "too cliché," as Meg herself sings in the very different song that replaced it, "I Won't Say I'm In Love."


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