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Trivia / Henry Rollins

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  • Old Shame: He's called Short Walk on a Long Pier, his first spoken word album, "just awful". However, instead of just letting it stay out of print, he made it a free bonus disc to a reissue of his second spoken album, Big Ugly Mouth, because "I figured if I put it in for free you couldn't get too mad about how wretched it is".
  • Promoted Fanboy:
    • He was simply a Black Flag fan who was invited to sing "Clocked In" with the band at a concert. He is now recognized as the face of the band.
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    • Many of his spoken word shows include anecdotes of working with his musical heroes, including the final performance of The Ruts, where he sang for the band and shared the stage with The Damned and The UK Subs.
      • He is a huge fan of Thin Lizzy, admiring the band's late singer/songwriter Phil Lynott's ability to write sensitive ballads, and he calls Lynott's mother Philomena "my Irish grandmother".
  • What Could Have Been: He was Danny DeVito's first choice to play Spinner in Death to Smoochy and was nearly cast despite deliberately trying to sabotage his audition, but eventually just told DeVito that he didn't think he was a good enough actor to do the role justice.


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