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Trivia / Hell And High Water

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    Chapter Name References 
As mentioned on the main trope page, every chapter title is a song lyric:
  1. "Light the World Up for Just One Day" (Just Like Fire - P!nk)
  2. "Will You Rail Against the Dying Day?" (Sleep On The Floor - The Lumineers)
  3. "You Can Give Your Broken Heart to Me" (Loyalty - MandoPony)
  4. "Who's Gonna Question What Goes On In the Middle of the Night?" (A Story Told - 2009 The Count of Monte Cristo musical)
  5. "I'll Spread My Wings So Take My Heart" (Constellations - Aviators)
  6. "You're Gonna Sing the Words Wrong" (Riptide - Vance Joy)
  7. "Sometimes I Give Myself The Creeps" (Basket Case - Green Day)
  8. "You Make Your Mistakes But Its Never Too Late" (Gold - Sleeping With Sirens)
  9. "There Ain't A Cloud In Sight" (Mr. Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra)
  10. "Now You Can't Tell The False From The Real" (Gold - Imagine Dragons)
  11. "I'll Be Your Ghost, Your Game, Your Stadium" (Love Runs Out - OneRepublic)
  12. "Trouble Will Surround You, Start Taking Some Control" (Panic Station - Muse)
  13. "No Squealing, Remember That It's All In Your Head" (Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz)
  14. "Howling Ghosts They Reappear in Mountains That Are Stacked With Fear" (King and Lionheart - Of Monsters and Men)
  15. "Hello Again Friend of A Friend" (Black Sheep - Metric)
  16. "I'm Just as Real as, I'm Just as Dangerous as You, So Know You'll Find" (Life Will Change - Persona 5 OST)
  17. "Here Comes This Rising Tide" (The Rising Tide - The Killers)
  18. "And These Little Things Define You Forever" (Bad Blood - Bastille)
  • Shout-Out:
  • Word of God:
    • In Chapter 16.5, Dash starts to read off the nameplate on Lightspeed Barrage's desk, but is cut off by the director for "PG-13" reasons. The nameplate actually reads "Fucker in charge of you fucking fucks". Barrage is one classy lady.
    • At the time of writing, Bow Hot Hoof and Windy Whistles had not been revealed as Rainbow Dash's parents, so Daring Do and Rainbow Blaze were used as Dash's parents.

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