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  • Creator's Favorite: Welker has stated that Teo is her favorite character.
  • Dear Negative Reader: TL Welker is known to be very open and accepting for any type of feedback, positive or negative. One of the more notable occasions was when she agreed with much of a negative review of Heartcore from the Bad Webcomic Wiki, going so far as to even asking for assistance and advice on how to improve for the future.
  • Fan Nickname: "Ass-mode" for Asmodai (Both as an insult and a compliment), "Rolls Royce" and "Big Red" for Royce
  • The Merch: Some incentives include bookmarks and stickers with Heartcore characters.
  • Name's the Same: Slade has no relation to Deathstroke. This is lampshaded in the chapter one parody. Word of God says Slade was actually named after the Rat Thief character "Slade" in Shining Force II for the Sega Genesis.
  • Old Shame: If you care about the fate of cute creatures and/or objects and prefer fires not be set indoors, do NOT bring up TL Welkers last webcomic, "Unsound Of Mind".
    • On a somewhat lesser note, she is also remaking the first few chapters due to personal and public dissatisfaction in the art and writing department.
  • What Could Have Been: Before the start of the comic, during the days of Unsound Of Mind Lilium was portrayed wearing a large wizards hat, but that was scrapped once she was revealed for HeartCore. Her name was also changed from Lilith to Lilium, due to the author thinking of the name as overused and generic for demons.
    • Royce also had an important character change for HeartCore. In his first and only appearance in Unsound Of Mind, he was constantly frowning, never having a good time and rarley talked. Safe to say, his character took a complete and improved 180 once he debuted in HeartCore as the Big Bad.


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