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Trivia / Havenfall Is for Lovers

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  • Fan Nickname:
    • "Werewife" for lesbian werewolf love interest Mackenzie Hunt.
    • When Vanessa Helsing appeared in Diego and Mackenzie's third seasons, she was quickly dubbed "whip wife" by fans eager to see her given her own route.
    • "Werecorgi" for Annabelle.
  • I Knew It!:
    • Fans speculated from almost the beginning that the heroine has some kind of supernatural nature, citing her ability to pack-bond with Mackenzie in the latter's route and her resistance to supernatural influences such as JD's memory-tampering. Antonio's first season confirms the theory via Antonio and Igor both seeking to make use of her "special" qualities, though their origin and exact nature (and whether or not the plot point remains consistent across all routes) has yet to be revealed.
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    • The fans also popularly assumed that Antonio is bisexual based on his Foe Yay with Diego in Diego's route. This was confirmed via Antonio's inclusion on Lovestruck's official list of LGBTQ characters shortly before his route launched in June 2018.
    • There had been a lot of speculation starting early on that Luce is evil and/or more than she seems, which was also increasingly hinted at in-game. In Razi's fifth season, she's revealed to be Baba Yaga.

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