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  • Back from the Brink: Ever since mid-2009 the amount of active players is on a steady decline. As for November 2018, the holding owning the game went through internal restructurisation and a simple plea was send to all former users in attempt to get them back into game. This lead to a spike of reactivated accounts. Time will only tell if it will last.
  • Friday Night Death Slot: Inverted. Friday evening (of European timezones) is one of the best times to set up sales of your player, since there are far more people in-game by then, checking training reports and looking for new players to buy. The only possibly better slot for auction is around Sunday noon, when matches are played.
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  • Newbie Boom: 2006 FIFA World Cup caused a truly massive spike of popularity for the game, which in turn destabilised the market for player-trading. And in general, the game receives an influx of new players during FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro Championship - most of which drop out soon after.
  • Troubled Production: The game was in the middle of an overhaul in 2012, when it was announced it will be sold to Zattikka, a game developer specialising in casual games. This postponed any actual engine or rule changes, but lead to re-focus of administration on making the game more accessible for the new players. Then Zattikka bankrupted even before finishing the acquisition of Hattrick. Thus it went back to old owners and the overdue changes in engine were finally implemented by 2013. On the flip-side, the "casual" additions were kept in place, greatly helping understanding the game for newbies.

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