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Trivia / Hatoful Boyfriend

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  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: One of the game reviews mentioned the protagonist's name - Cloaca Mahoney - as a downside. In fact, "Cloaca Mohoney" is only a name Angie Gallant chose for her famous walkthrough of the game. See, kids? That's what happens when you don't play the game before reviewing it.
  • Fan Translation: Officially acknowledged by the maker, that later became the official translation for the full version available on DLsite.
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  • Hypothetical Casting: As a Doujin game, it has no voice work, but each love interest's introduction names a voice actor whom the creator would like to play them if it did.
  • The Other Darrin: Sometimes happens in the case of the real life bird "actors":
    • In the joke episode "Hatocatch Pretty Coore Dream Drop" Ryouta is represented with a different picture.
    • Moa refers to the Luzon Bleeding-Heart she uses for his picture as his "actor" and apparently asks permission for the photo for every game. At some point the image owner stopped responding, so she switched "actors" and the Steam remake and Holiday Star have different birds.