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  • Acting for Two: Harvester has tons of instances of this, though its plot significance is often unclear, because in many cases, the look-alikes are characters found inside the Lodge.
    • The actress for Steve's Mom, Mary Allen, also portrays Mrs. Pottsdam and all the ladies at the Bake Sale.
    • Ben Morgan, Hank's actor, also plays the three identical-looking young boys in the Lodge's Temple of the Mystery of Motherly Love.
    • Roxanne Lovseth portrays both Edna Fitzpatrick and the mother inside the Temple of the Mystery of Motherly Love.
    • Doris McClellan, who plays Mrs. Phelps, also portrays the Lodge Librarian.
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    • Graham Teschke, the actor for Colonel Buster Monroe, also plays the man accompanying Principal Herrill in the Lodge's Inner Sanctum.
    • Karen Sexton, who plays Miss Whaley, also potrays the Brothel Madam inside the Temple of the Mystery of Lust.
    • Pieter Van Der Vliet plays both Deputy Loomis and the Beggar inside the Lodge's Temple of the Mystery of Charity.
    • Zeb Cash Lane plays both Pat O'Reilly and the Lodge chef.
    • Richard Raski portrays both Pete Swell and the Lodge Valet.
    • The actor for Clem Parsons also plays the cloakroom attendant who cleans Steve's clothes.
    • Charlie Latch plays both Range Ryder and the Curator of the Art Gallery inside the Lodge.
  • Colbert Bump: Retsupurae gave it one when they riffed on it.
  • Creator Cameo: The creator of the game plays Mr. Moynahan.
  • Creator Killer: Harvester would ultimately be DigiFX Interactive's last game. The developer eventually went out of business in November 1997.
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  • Cross-Cast Role: Steve's baby sister is actually played by a boy.
  • Real-Life Relative: The actress who plays the woman in the Temple of Beauty inside the Lodge was actually the game creator's wife at the time. On top of that, their infant son played Steve's little sister.
  • Saved from Development Hell: It was originally supposed to be released in 1994, but several delays caused the due date to be pushed to 1996.
  • Talking to Himself: Steve and the Sergeant-At-Arms are voiced by the same person.
  • What Could Have Been: Thanks to The Harvester Show, many tidbits about the game's background, original concepts and Dummied Out content have been revealed to the general public. Some of those include:
    • Not only was Mr. Pastorelli in the Barber Shop supposed to talk, he was also going to be semi-aware of Harvest's true nature, even warning Steve about it in Italian, hinting at the possibility that he could be a real person like Steve and Stephanie. This idea was abandoned probably because it would have given away too much about the twist to Italian-speaking players.
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    • The Wasp Woman was supposed to have a larger role; during the task when you're going to steal the cloth from the firemen, you could deviate their attention by setting her house on fire, in which would allow you to break into their home and steal the cloth. This action was mentioned many times in the script, but for unknown reasons was removed.
    • Some places, such as DNA's Diner and the Firemen's Department originally had extra rooms which you could enter; in the latter's case a bedroom with five beds in them, where a cutscene could be triggered that would hint at Sheriff Duane being Ambiguously Gay. Both rooms were removed because they were deemed unnecessary.
    • In the original teaser for Harvester, the characters weren't Full Motion Video actors, but instead were either 3-D Models or drawn, and Steve has a more southern accent.
  • Word of God says that Mr. Pottsdam puts Stephanie's tampons in the toilet as a sort of symbolic denial. He hates that Stephanie isn't his "little girl" anymore, and he rejects that symbol of her womanhood. That's never seen in the game, however.


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