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Trivia / Hania The Howling Huntress

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  • Fan Community Nicknames: She calls her fans "the Wolfpack" and "Wild Things."
  • Name's the Same: Well, almost. There is a character in the Captain Britain comic book series called Saturnyne.
    • In re the Playboy Bunny item on the main page: Bad News Bunny is also the title of a series of children's books by Susan Saunders.
  • No-Hit Wonder: As acknowledged on the main page, she never won a title.
  • Old Shame: Her time as Saturyne.
  • Promoted Fangirl: Not surprising given that she started in CHIKARA. On the July 18, 2012 edition of CHIKARA's YouTube series The Barber Shop, various CHIKARA personalities were asked what would be their version of a perfect date. Saturyne's involved watching "an episode of InuYasha, an episode of Monday Night Raw, and then me kicking his butt in SmackDown Shut Your Mouth."
  • What Could Have Been: Saturyne was supposed to have faced Icarus at WiF! Bananaversary on November 17, 2012, but she was unable to because of an injury. Dasher Hatfield took her place, and won.
    • Hania was supposed to have faced Green Ant in a non-tournament match at Beyond Wrestling Tournament For Tomorrow II, Block A, November 15, 2013 but she suffered an injury during training. Aaron Epic took the match instead, and lost.

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