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Trivia / Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora

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  • Bad Export for You: Getting to the US has been exceedingly tough:
    • In June 2013, it was licensed for home video/streaming by a new anime distributor called Crimson Star Media, owned by Corey Maddox, a registered sex offender that also stand accused of an Internet scam.
    • Crimson Star Media released the first episode on YouTube, also the first release by the company. So far this is the only episode that was officially released in the United States by that company.
    • Maddox was arrested for violating his parole by attending an anime convention, where minors were present. Some guest recognized him and notified to the police.
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    • On top of that, Neil Nadelman, the translator of the series, said on Anime News Network that he didn't pay the full price of the license, putting it in limbo. The DVD release is no longer listed on Amazon and Right Stuf.