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  • Cut Song: "Nightmare" was originally planned to be the lead single for Manic before Halsey opted to cut the song from the final track list of her album, hence it was relegated as a standalone single and "Without Me" (which was originally planned to be standalone) ultimately made it to the final track list. It's presumed that the rock-oriented sound of "Nightmare" didn't suit well with the album's tone.
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  • Promoted Fangirl: The girl who gushed about Imagine Dragons in her diary got to tour with them, the girl who was a huge fan of Panic! at the Disco got to perform live with Brendon Urie at Coachella...and then you got her outright fangirling in this picture with her and Mark Hoppus.
  • What Could Have Been: The song "Ghost" was originally written for a yogurt commercial in Japan.
  • Word of Gay: Halsey confirmed in an interview that the songs "Heaven in Hiding", "Alone", & "Strangers" are about Rosa (played by Lauren Jauregui) and her character's Luna's relationship with the girl.


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