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General Trivia

Actor Allusion

  • Nyarko (Kana Asumi) imitates Miya Tachibana's "Nii-nii" while roleplaying as Mahiro's little sister in Episode 3, then when she switches to older-sister mode, she applies Shizuka Sado's suffix "-chan" onto his name. In Episode 8 she gets to dress up as and even imitate the hairstyle of Popura Taneshima, complete with Cuuko alluding to Popura's Berserk Button of being called tiny. And in Episode 11 she talks about an art high school girl and a nudist — Asumi voiced such roles as Yuno and Mio Kitahara, respectively.
  • Mahiro (Eri Kitamura) is warned by Nyarko during Episode 8's WORKING!! parody that unless he is careful in dealing with his coworkers, a beautiful girl with a katana may cut him off, alluding to Kitamura's role in said show as Yachiyo Todoroki, and in Episode 9 he (in Nyarko's body and voiced by Asumi) quips the famous "I'm so stupid" quote of Sayaka Miki moments before she is turned into a Witch.
    • In the final episode of Nyarko-San W, Cuune references Dream C Club, saying "I won't chose the inventor girl with the Osaka accent!" — who is of course voiced by Kitamura, a nod to Cuune's hatred of Mahiro.
  • The only difference between Cuuko (Miyu Matsuki) and Isumi Saginomiya are the lines, but otherwise they share a deadpan tone.
  • Hasta (Rie Kugimiya) gives Mahiro for his Christmas present a "handmade Hasta" scale model, alluding to Hand Maid May, a show about palm-sized Robot Maids, where Kugimiya voices Cyberdoll Rena. In Season 2 Episode 1 Mahiro even tells him off with the famous "Urusai, urusai, urusai!" ("Shut up, shut up, shut up!") Catchphrase of Shana, herself Kugimiya's breakout role.
  • Yoriko (Aya Hisakawa) has referenced Sailor Mercury's rollcall phrase "[douse yourself in water and] you should apologize". In Season 1 Episode 8 she was also seen wearing a gray Kerberos hairpin. She has also quipped the "That's a top priority" Catchphrase of Mizuho Kazami, played by Yoriko's drama CD voice actress (and Hisakawa's Ah! My Goddess co-star), Kikuko Inoue. In Season 2 Episode 4 she also assumes the pose and quotes the post-transformation Catchphrase of Cure Moonlight.
  • Satomi Arai, Shantak-kun's anime voice actress, does some narration at Episode 8 of W in a manner similar to her role as the Lemony Narrator of Ōkami-san. She even states that "this story won't include a girl with menacing eyes and a lazy boy who doesn't like to be stared at". Shantak-kun also reacts upon Cuuko naming her and Mahiro's prospective child "Kuroko".
  • Nodens (voiced by Bin Shimada) delivers several of Paptimus Scirocco's more iconic quotes; in the last episode of Nyarko-San W, Yoriko remarks that his dramatic speech patterns make you almost think he came from Jupiter (referring to the fact that Scirocco was the captian of the Jupiter Energy Fleet).
  • In the first episode, Masaki Terasoma provides the voices for brief clip of Kamen Rider Expy Iron Striver that Nyarko watches; Terasoma has provided two rather famous voices to that franchise in the past: Shadow Moon and Kintaros/Den-O Ax Form.
  • Episode 9 of Nyarko-San W has the characters quote Crossbone Gundam several times; the episode's villain is voiced by Kouji Tsujitani, who plays Crossbone's Kincaid Nau.

Mythology Gag

  • Considering the titular character, Nyarlathotep references are common
    • In the Mythos, Nyarlathotep can change to a wide range of forms, including some horrific humans. While unlikely, it won't be too farfetched to assume that this Eldritch Abomination can take the form of a bubbly schoolgirl.
      Mahiro: "I don't need a thousand-faced little sister!"
      • The three-lobed red single eye in darkness with bat wings is a form of Nyarlathotep described in The Haunter in the Dark... and a description of Nyarko's Henshin Hero form's helmet.
      • The "protective charm" Nyarko gives Mahiro in the first novel/Episode 2 of the anime is the Shining Trapezohedron, one of the most powerful artifacts in the Cthulhu Mythos, which is directly tied to Nyarlathotep's power and can be used to summon the Haunter.
    • Nyarko's brother, Nyar-o, has a pharaoh-like costume. Another usual trait of Nyarlathotep is being associated with Ancient Egypt (thus the "-hotep" suffix).
    • Nyar-o's Full Force Form resembles yet another known avatar of Nyarlathotep - The Bloody Tongue - which is encountered in the Call of Cthulhu adventure module Masks of Nyarlathotep.
    • One of Nyar-o's grunts is "Tezcatlipoca!", alluding to the Aztec god of destiny being one of Nyarlathotep's avatars in the Call of Cthulhu RPG.
    • Nyarko's police car is called... the Nephren-Car. Nephren-ka, otherwise known as the "Black Pharaoh", is, depending on the source (Robert Bloch's Mythos stories or Call of Cthulhu), a corrupt pharaoh who is either a devotee of Nyarlathotep or the deity himself under one of his many guises.
  • Cuuko's crush on Nyarko is likely a reference to August Derleth's "The Dweller in Darkness", where their namesake gods appear in the story, one being used to fight off the other.
  • Nyarko's pet Shantak-kun is weak against Nightgaunts. In "The Dream Quest Of Unknown Kadath", Shantaks fear Nightgaunts, servants of Nodens, who himself plays a minor role in this series.
  • In Episode 1, the subtitle for the then-current season of Iron Striver is "Star Vampire Crusaders", mashing together "Star Vampire" (a type of creature from the Mythos) with "Stardust Crusaders" (the third arc of Jojos Bizarre Adventure).
    • Likewise, in Episode 3, Nyarko mentions that the next season is "Trapezohedron is Unbreakable", merging the Shining Trapezohedron (mentioned above) with "Diamond is Unbreakable", Part 4 of JoJo.
  • R'lyeh, the eldritch house of Cthulhu... turns out to be an amusement park. The "taxi" taking Mahiro and Nyarko to R'lyeh is Dagon, the male leader of the Deep Ones, worshipers of Cthulhu in the original Mythos.
  • The "BLT" sandwich from Episode 1 of the anime means "Byakhee, Lloigor and Tsathoggua". Unlike the first two, the latter is not a species, but an individual Great Old One. This may or may not be an error — she might be referring erroneously to the whole species by that name, as most mythos gods are members of wider species in this series, but generally with an added suffix, not given in this case, to differentiate each member. But being Nyarlathotep, wanting a specific Great Old One for a sandwich ingredient isn't out of the question either.
  • From Episode 5 Nyarko quips "You fool, Cuuko is dead!", taken from The Statement of Randolph Carter (replacing "Warren").
  • The video game rivalry between Cthulhu Corp. (of which Luhy was an employee) and the Carcossa Computer Entertainment (owned by Hasta's father) alludes to Hastur and Cthulhu's Sibling Rivalry, which gets directly lampshaded by Nyarko a couple of episodes later when she remarks "Cthulhu and Hastur have never gotten along."
  • Hasta was once employed as a "librarian at Celaeno Library". In The Trail of Cthulhu, the Library is a repository of elder lore on another planet. Byakhee, servants of Hastur, infest the place and can take travelers there.
  • In Episode 7, while suffering a Heroic BSoD over Mahiro bluntly telling her he doesn't like her, Nyarko mentions "rats in the walls", alluding to a a short story titled as such written by Lovecraft himself in 1924.
  • In Episode 8, Nyarko offers Mahiro a marriage registration for Christmas; as noted under Freeze-Frame Bonus on the main page, it contains a few of these, including identifying Nyarko's parents as two other avatars of Nyarlathotep.
  • In Episode 9, Nyarko exclaims "The Window! The Window [Shopping]!", alluding to the last lines of Lovecraft's "Dagon".
    • She also said "The window...the window..." during the afforementioned Heroic BSoD.
  • The yellow plant alien playing video games in Episode 10 is a reference to the "bulbous vegetable entities of Mercury", whose bodies the Yithians will use in the future.
  • Cuuko's eccentricities. In the Mythos, Cthugha apparently is insane.
  • A Mythology Gags not related to the Cthulhu Mythos: In the first episode of the 2012 series, Nyarko says "That's right, I love you!", a line from "Like, Like, Love", the ending theme of the second Nyaruani.
    • And then once more, in the first episode of Nyarko-San W, she says "Always be with you", referencing "Zutto Be With You", the ending theme from the 2012 series.
  • In episode 5 of Nyarko-San W, we see that Hasta has covered the corners of his room with putty, and refuses to elaborate when Mahiro asks. Lovecraft fans will realize that Hasta is attempting to protect himself against The Hounds of Tindalos, who are said to live in "the angles of time" and can appear anywhere through angles like the corners of walls; filling in the corners is how you keep them away.

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