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Trivia / Gungnir

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  • Development Hell: This game has been in the works for a whole two years now. Lampshaded by the cast in the attached image here.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Ragnus was originally supposed to be the protagonist. Giulio was chosen instead due to being less mature (and thus more prone to Character Development).
    • A number of characters' beta names are included in the documents book:
      • Alfred (Julio)
      • Claire (Alyssa)
      • Leonard (Ragnus)
      • Ecrile (Elise)
      • Diana (Natalia)
      • Valeria (Valery)
      • Sofia (Fiona)
      • Hogarth (Rodriguef)
      • Tirion (Isabeli)
      • Alfred (Robertus)
      • Gustav (Wolfgang)
      • Anastasia (Hierameir)

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