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  • Actor Allusion: In episode 8, Yomi is seen eating a lollipop. Her voice actress, Iori Nomizu, previously voiced both Febrie and Janie from To Aru Kagaku No Railgun S and the Trademark Favorite Food of the latter two are lollipops.
  • Ascended Fanon: After years of MS Girl fanart and custom figures, we finally have an official Bandai MS girl model kit in the Super Fumina. With three variants (Titans Maid, Axis Angel and Winning Fumina) and two totally new characters (Hyper Gyanko and China Beargguy), the MS Girl subline can qualify as its own thing.
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  • Contest Winner Cameo: The three winners of a series of Gunpla Making competitions for a custom Gunpla, a recolor, and a custom unit in Gundam Breakers were among the extras who helped to blasted apart the Rafflesia in Episode 25. They are as follows (in order of appearance): A Custom GM with a Sazabi head, a Sinanju torso and a Crosbone Gundam X1 cape titled "Go! Go! Our Captain Char!" (customized to resemble Char's classic outfit from the original series) from Gundam Breaker 2, a Unicorn Gundam recolored to resemble the RX-78 or the Extreme Gundam, and a Custom Gundam Zephyranthes named "Gundam Albion". The Ξ Gundam from Hathaway's Flash also made an appearance as the unit voted to be included in the series.
  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: During Build Fighters Try's run on the Singaporean kids' channel Okto, a commercial was made to promote the series, featuring clips from Try... but the narration was reused from the previous series, which describes it as "Sei Iori meets Reiji". This was eventually fixed with a new narration a few weeks later.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: A number of the boys in the series are voiced by women, similar to season 1.
    • The male character Sekai Kamiki is voiced by the female voice actress Kazumi Togashi.
  • The Danza: Yuuma Kousaka is voiced by Yuuma Uchida, younger brother of Maaya Uchida.
  • Fan Nickname: Fans have begun to call Plamodel Club President Daiki Miyaga as "Evil Obright", given his character design and voice actor.
    • The gundam in the flashback of Yuuma's in the episode 2 has gotten several nicknames "Gundam Edgelord" and "Gundam Clusterfuck" basically from it's extremely edgy looks and all the suits it borrows it's parts has it uses the parts from 5 different machines including it's hydra gundam base.
    • Team Angelfish, Chusui Middle School's Swimming Club will forever be known as Team FREE!
      • Which quickly translates to Team FREE(ZE) after their battle with Team Try Fighters ends in an anticlimactic fashion, as the field selected was Tundra, and the ice was too thick for their marine MS to punch through.
    • Meanwhile, Gabal Institute's Team White Wolf got the nickname "Team Zaku", obviously due to their Gunpla lineup.
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    • Due to the multitudes of potential pairings within the span of eight episodes and counting, which is even considered at par with the Gunpla Battles in terms of quantity, the show is slowly getting the nickname "Gundam Shipping Fighters". And speaking of Ships...
    • Portmanteau Couple Name: Thanks to the active Ship-to-Ship Combat brewing on Reddit, HMS SekaFuu and HMS SeGyanko, for the Sekai/Fumina and Sekai/Kaouruko pairings, respectively. Later joined by (As of Episode 24) HMS SakaiFuu (thanks to the episode 8 Dream Sequence, no less), HMS SekaShia and HMS ShiGyanko
      • For the Yaoi Fangirls of the show, there's also (as of Episode 23) HMS YuuSakai and HMS AkiJunya. As for their Les Yay counterparts, there's HMS FuuShia.
    • Not!Aila or Aila 2.0 for Shia Kijima, the white-haired character seen in episode 12 who shares Aila's white hair and cold looks.
      • In relation, her G-Portent garnered the nicknames "G-Potato" and "G-Pettanko", the former for sounding similar to its name, the latter possibly in connection to Shia's proportions.
    • Junya's Denial Gundam has been called the Dark Burning Gundam due to having more than a few similarities to Sekai's Try Burning Gundam.
      • Some have also called it the "Chuunibyou Gundam" due to it's "edgy" sounding name supposedly something that a person exhibiting the syndrome would pick.
  • I Knew It!: Fan's predicted the reappearence of Lucas well before he showed up.
    • The silhouette of Sekai's master in the first opening looking like Domon Kasshu was no coincidence.
  • Jossed: The speculation that the Build Burning Gundam was named in reference to the English dub of G Gundam got shot down in an interview that revealed the Gundam was named by director Watada, who had no idea at the time that "Burning" was God Gundam's US name.
  • Life Imitates Art: After the first episode's surprise appearance of the Build Burning Gundam, Gunpla enthusiasts checked and yes, it is possible, albeit with some customization work, to fit the Build Burning Gundam inside the shell of a Dom. Gunpla stores also had to put up signs saying that the HGUC Dom kit does not come with a bonus Build Burning hidden inside.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": Lucas Nemesis' Crossbone Gundam X1 Full Cloth is a rare straight-build Gundam given special focus in the show and made in HG 1/144 for the first time, necessitating the addition of "Type GBFT" to its model name.
  • Name's the Same: Mirai Kamiki shares her first name with the second in command of the White Base.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: An odd case with Coffin Princess Chaika. The voice actors of Fumina, Yomi, Meguta, and Adou are all in that series.
    • Both Sakai and Meijin's voice actors were in Jojos Bizarre Adventure anime of 2012, as Jonathan Joestar and Caesar respectively.
      • And now Joseph is here too, thanks to Kei.
    • There are many cast members from Attack on Titan who are in the series as well.
    • In addition, the last time Wilfred and Adou were together, the former was a Jerkass Student Council President of another school, while the latter was an idiotic delinquent who was always fawning over the former's female counterpart.
    • As of the Island Wars OVA, there seems to be a Kantai Collection reunion going on, as apart from Bismarck becoming a fashion model and Yukikaze becoming a white-haired Gunpla Builder, Shimakaze appears as the mysterious girl who later turns out to be Graf Zeppelin's daughter.
  • The Other Darrin: Due to a sudden illness, Mr. Ral's voice actor Masashi Hirose will be replaced by Katsuhisa Houki starting in episode 5.
  • What Could Have Been: The Winning Gundam went through a lot of changes. It's loadout had various ideas, such as making it a tinier version of the Powered GM Cardigan or something akin to the Super Gundam. It could have also been a Guncannon, a GM that turned into a Ball or even a Guntank that turned into a Gunperry and a Type 71 tank. As well, the power ups for the Build Burning were different, including a shoulder cannon, a claw and a version of the fist that fired out Fumina's Core Fighter.


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