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Trivia / Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer

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  • Celebrity Voice Actor: In the original Japanese version, Ryo Katsuji voiced the Earth Sphere Federation Army.
  • Fake Russian: Andrei Smirnov is voiced by either Tetsu Shiratori (Japanese) or Brent Miller (USA), neither of whom are Russian.
  • Fan Nickname: "InnoRindt" and "Mao" for Descartes Shaman.
    • "Realbbons Almark" for E.A. Ray, the guy who talks with Aeolia in the stinger.
    • "Dual Core Haro" for the Two-Haro setup used in Gundam Zabanya's cockpit.
    • The 00 Qan[T] is known as the "Nu Exia", due to it resembling a fusion of Exia and the Nu Gundam.
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    • "Naked Qan[T]", due to it shedding its parts and staying "naked" after doing Quantum Burst.
    • Jihad-kun, Solid Setsuna, Kira and Set-Light / Setsulight for Setsuna.
    • Doubleujah for obvious reasons and Baptismal Boy for Allelujah's name.
    • "Vowels", because Tieria's name is full of 'em. Also "Moeria", because his fangirls think he looks adorable when he's upset. Also, mostly on the Japanese Fandom, "Zetsubou-Sensei", especially after the Lampshading Shout-Out in one of the SZS episodes.
    • Desu-Yellow for Mileina.
    • InnoRindt and Mao for The Earth Sphere Federation Army.
    • Team Patrick for Patrick Colasaur.
    • Mena Carmine was known as "Nena 2" or "Dr. Nena" until her name was revealed.
    • ELS-tan for Amia Lee.
    • Upgreyd, a portmanteau of Upgrade and Grey for the ELS.
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