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  • Attention Deficit Creator Disorder: Del Toro gave up on directing The Hobbit because he was involved in way too many things, with his schedule filled up until 2017. Among the projects are a new Frankenstein, a remake of Slaughterhouse-Five, adaptations of At the Mountains of Madness, The Haunted Mansion, and Drood, a third Hellboy, and a Pacific Rim sequel movie and prequel cartoon (and that's just the ones he'll direct!).
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  • Creator's Favorite Episode: The Shape of Water, which netted him an Oscar.
  • Doing It for the Art: Many of his films are passion projects. He's turned down or postponed high-profile films to work on smaller ones that he has a personal connection to. He's even taken significant budget cuts rather than cave to Executive Meddling. He especially doesn't like it when people assume Pacific Rim or Hellboy aren't deeply personal because they're not "serious" fantastical films.
    People say, you know, "I like your Spanish movies more than I like your English-language movies because they are not as personal", and I go "Fuck, you're wrong!" Hellboy is as personal to me as Pan's Labyrinth. They're tonally different, and yes, of course you can like one more than the other – the other one may seem banal or whatever it is that you don't like. But it really is part of the same movie. You make one movie.
    • Guillermo del Toro was known to have a life-long fascination with drawing twisted monsters. This fascination brought him trouble with his strict Catholic family, with some of his relatives literally throwing vials of holy water at him when they caught his "evil creature" drawings. Things eventually got better when his parents chose his high school; they were looking for a Catholic high school, and ended up choosing the liberal Jesuit high school Instituto de Ciencias, whose teachers and authorities didn't have issue with Guillermo scrawling monsters on his notebooks or in the bathroom stalls. Eventually, his literature teacher took notice of the creative genius that lied beneath his stories and depictions of monsters and he encouraged his creativity, and he was left with a life-long desire to freely express his creations before the world.
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  • Executive Meddling: Guillermo often wrestles with this; his second film Mimic was equated to "having a beautiful daughter and watching her arms get cut off". The studios have fought with him at other points (for example, they wanted Pan's Labyrinth to take place in Nazi Germany instead of Franco's Spain) but his additional clout has allowed him to be more successful in staying true to his vision nowadays.
  • Production Posse: Any of his movies tend to have Ron Perlman, Luke Goss, and/or Doug Jones; Hellboy II: The Golden Army featured all three of them in notable roles. All three of his Spanish-language movies feature Federico Luppi. The cinematography is usually done by Guillermo Navarro and the score, Marco Beltrami. He also collaborates frequently with Mike Mignola and Wayne Barlowe on the visual aspect of his work. And finally, his friend Santiago Segura often has a Death by Cameo in his films.
  • What Could Have Been: It was rumored that he was approached to direct the Godzilla remake (which was actually directed by Gareth Edwards), though Guillermo has since debunked those rumors.
    • He was offered the Harry Potter movies (specifically Prisoner of Azkaban and Half-Blood Prince) but turned them down since he felt the movies didn't jibe with his dark vision of the Potterverse. He is a fan of the books however, and was the one who encouraged Alfonso Cuarón to direct PoA.
    • He also submitted a script for the film version of Justice League Dark with its tentative title, Dark Universe to Warner Bros. and was waiting for the project to be greenlit. However, with the announcement that all Vertigo Comics adaptions would be Distributed by New Line Cinema, it seem's that he has left the film Project altogether. When it's revealed that WB liked the script and planned to shoot it which coincides the production of Pacific Rim 2, Del Toro had to make a difficult choice. So, he choose Pacific Rim 2 instead since he's already made schedules for the filming which would happen on late 2015.
    • He had two video games in the works: A game known as inSANE which was cancelled due to production being halted by THQ, who went out of business afterwards. And then there's the most infamous, Silent Hills which was cancelled after Konami went bonkers and fired Hideo Kojima.
    • He was in talks to direct a Doctor Strange movie, which would have been co-written by Neil Gaiman.
    • Hellboy 3 has become this with the recent announcement that it "100% will not happen"

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