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Trivia / Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics

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  • Missing Episode: The anime did have dubs for all of the episodes, but many were unaired in the U.S., or were pulled from reairing:
    • Bluebeard opens up with a man impaling his wife with a sword, and the climax of the whole story is the heroine (the man's seventh wife) finding the mutilated corpses of the previous wives. There were also magic roses that turned into blood.
    • The Crystal Ball focuses on a decaying old witch who imprisons a beautiful princess in her castle, and every night performs a demonic ritual where she bites said princess, and drains all her blood. This restores her youth for about a day, and the princess is left a decaying corpse, but regenerates in about a second. What makes it worse is that this happens every night.
      • This episode actually aired, but was never released. The dubbed version cut out the biting scenes, and had the witch use her magic to make the princess switch ages with her.
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    • The Iron Stove and The Water Witch featured attractive, scantily-clad female villains, and went unaired in the U.S.
    • Godfather Death has a lot of on screen deaths.


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