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Trivia / Grendel

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The Comic:

  • All-Star Cast: The Black, White, and Red comics were a series of short Hunter Rose stories drawn by a Who’s Who of well-known artists from the late ‘90s.
  • Creator Backlash: Over the years, Wagner's depiction of Hunter Rose has shifted from an initial Byronic Hero characterisation to simply a hateful, arrogant, murderous asshole. Wagner has said in an interview that every time he writes about Hunter he likes him a little less.
  • Old Shame: The Comico black-and-white miniseries, as well as the character's introduction in Comico Primer #2.
  • Reality Subtext: The Grendel Tales stories by Darko Macan and Edvin Biukovic, "Devils and Deaths" and "Devil's Choices", are set in the Balkans and have very obvious subtext to the 1990s Yugoslav Wars that were raging in the region in real life at the time.
    • "Devil Child" is loosely based on the writer's own rape.
  • Screwed by the Network: The title saw a delay of several years due to the bankruptcy of its original publisher (Comico). During the interim, Comico's owners tried to claim Grendel as a company asset and prevent Wagner from taking the character elsewhere. This also held up Dark Horse reprints of the Comico issues, which eventually went through without further complications.