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Trivia / Great Expectations (1946)

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  • Creative Differences: Guy Green replaced Robert Krasker as cinematographer on this movie. David Lean and Ronald Neame were not satisfied with Krasker's studio re-creation of the marshes in the opening scenes.
  • Dawson Casting: John Mills, playing Pip from the age of nineteen to twenty-five, was thirty-eight at the time of filming, while Alec Guinness was thirty-two playing Herbert Pocket, who is roughly the same age.
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  • Hostility on the Set: Valerie Hobson called the experience of working with David Lean on this movie, "the unhappiest", and called him "a cold director. He gave me nothing at all as an actress."
  • Star-Making Role: The film launched Alec Guinness' film career.
  • Throw It In!: Invoked. Alec Guinness struggled with a close-up in which he had to laugh out loud. David Lean told him to forget about the whole thing, sat by his side, and made a little signal to the camera to start turning in the course of the conversation. He said something which made Guinness laugh and then said, "Cut". Guinness: "So he got this shot on a totally false premise... but thank God. I don't think I would have ever achieved it otherwise".


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