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Trivia / Great Expectations

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  • Big Name Fan: John Irving cites this novel as the one that first inspired him to start writing.
  • Creator's Favorite Episode: Charles Dickens named this as one of his own favourite novels.
  • Deleted Scene: Modern printings of the novel usually include the original ending as an appendix.
  • Money, Dear Boy: The novel was only written because Dickens's magazine All the Year Round was doing poorly and the only thing that would revive it was a serialized Dickens novel.
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  • What Could Have Been: The original ending has Pip, who is still single, briefly see Estella in London; after becoming Bentley Drummle's widow, she has remarried. This was changed following comments by Edward Bulwer-Lytton that the ending was too sad
  • Write Who You Know:
    • It is documented that Charles Dickens encountered a wealthy recluse called Elizabeth Parker on whom it is widely believed he based the character, whilst staying in Newport, Shropshire, at the aptly named Havisham Court.
    • It has been suggested that the icy teasing of the character Estella is based on Ellen Ternan's reluctance to become Dickens' mistress.
    • It is believed that Dickens revised Herbert Pocket's appearance to resemble his son Charley.


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