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Trivia / Good Bad Flicks

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  • Big Name Fan: Doug Walker revealed on his Facebook page that he's a fan:
    I really enjoy this guy's channel. Not only does he review films but he also talks about how they became the movies they are today. He also has a certain optimism about them, whether they're critical flops, audience disappointments, or box office bombs, he usually finds something positive to say about them. There's a lot of his videos to watch and I highly recommend them, but be careful, they're addictive.
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  • Colbert Bump: The show (specifically Cecil's looks at the Easter Eggs in films like The Cabin in the Woods) has been featured several times on the Onion AV Club.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: His first 35 episodes have yet to be reuploaded, with Cecil citing quality issues.


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