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The Video Game:

  • Misattributed Song: Go to any video of the opening theme and you'll find people attributing the song to the late Richard Joseph. The song is actually by John Foxx of the synthpop group Nation XII. Richard Joseph wrote the tracker engine for the game and aided John in transcribing the song into tracker format.
  • Polished Port: The Acorn Archimedes port puts the original Amiga version to shame. Not only was it capable of handling the tracker music while handling the full scrolling text animation of the opening title without breaking a sweat (many other ports got rid of the scrolling text animation in the opening title because the platform couldn’t keep up with it, or even outright replaced the music with a MIDI version due to limitations of the sound hardware), but it also added DSP effects to the tracker music (ie echoing the voice samples) that the Amiga didn’t do!
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  • Port Overdosed: The game has been ported to different computers systems and consoles.
  • Real Song Theme Tune: Not many people were aware that the opening theme, Into the Wonderful, was written independently from the game. It was originally meant for the Nation XII's album Electrofear.
  • The Foreign Subtitle: The PC 98 port of the game swapped out Into The Wonderful for Kami to naru otoko no densetsu (神となる男の伝説,The Legend Of A Man Becoming God).

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