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  • Cash Cow Franchise: Gogo's Crazy Bones is (or at least was) Magic Box Int.'s most profitable property, and they're very much aware of it if the amount of licensed merchandise is anything to go by.
  • Fandom Life Cycle: Got to around Stage 3 or 4 during its original 90's run. It skipped right to 6b or 6c upon the fad dying out, but got a Newbie Boom in 2007 due to a reboot version entering release; said reboot also got to around Stage 3 or 4 at its peak and has since gone on to become a Stage 6c. While the toys have most certainly not been forgotten completely by time, you'd have to be very, very lucky to find anyone who hasn't at least forgotten it ever existed nowadays.
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  • Flagship Franchise: This is Magic Box's first and most successful toyline, and has become associated with them as a result.
  • Follow the Leader: The 2012 video game for the Nintendo DS seems to have taken a cue from Angry Birds - both involve the player launching characters at constructions made of wood, glass, etc. in an attempt to knock out all of the enemy characters on the construction.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Good luck finding the TV show's pilot episode; it was taken down from YouTube due to backlash concerning both the show's characters being unrecognizable and the show itself being considered terrible. The only remnant of it online as of now is its theme song.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": A rare example where it's within the series itself. The Evolution series characters Hiroki, Lessei, and Boki, and the Explorer series characters Jato, Targy, and Gondo all appeared in the first Gold Series tin, which was released in North America before the Evolution and Explorer series could be released there.
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  • The Merch: Due in no small part to how big a fad the series became (which happened twice, no less), Gogos have been given a lot of licensed products including (but not limited to) greeting cards, calendars, T-shirts, pencil toppers, and plush toys.
  • Name's the Same: The 19th character in the Evolution series is named Sully.
  • No Export for You: Boy, howdy. It's particularly common for sets of Gogos to be Europe-exclusive - they are from a European toy company, after all.
    • Superstar was planned to be released in North America, but it never was, making it a Europe-exclusive series.
    • Averted with Series 1 from 2007, which got released in Latin America and Asia under the name "Urban Toys". However, 20 characters from the original set did not appear in Urban Toys.
    • Also averted with the Megatrip series, which was released in the UK as "Edge", albeit with 20 characters taken out similar to the Urban Toys example above. Played straight in North America, which never got the Edge series at all.
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    • Mega Metropolis, a UK-only series, was going to be released in North America as "Fusion", but this plan was scrapped.
    • India never got any sets of Gogos beyond the Urban Toys series. This is probably because one character in Megatrip, the series after Urban Toys, happens to resemble a cow, which are considered sacred to the Hindu majority in India.
    • Averted again with the Brazilian Disney series, which is based off of a collectible toy series called Wikeez, which are made by PPI Worldwide, one of the companies that produced the reboot Gogo's Crazy Bones series. However, some changes were made for the Brazilian release, and once again the trope is played straight in North America, which never got the Disney series at all.
    • Europe got both Gold Series tins, but North America only got the first of those tins.
    • The 90's Gogos weren't exempt, either. A set of Gogos from the 90's based on Medabots, for example, only got a European release.
  • One-Episode Wonder: The cancelled 2012 Animated Adaptation.
  • Show Accuracy/Toy Accuracy: The Gogos actually looked accurate to their toy appearances in the cancelled TV show.
  • Throw It In!: An entire variant of Gogos is the result of this. Back in the 90's, the factories that manufactured Gogos occasionally screwed up their molds by accidentally deforming them; these deformed Gogos were thrown into the series and passed off as a variant of Gogos called "gooies". These "gooies" became significantly less common in the reboot series due to the Gogos going through more quality inspections before being sold in stores (90's Gogos were rushed to stores, leaving less of a chance for quality inspection).
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The Superstar series was to be released in North America in 2012, but it ended up being Europe-exclusive due to the toyline losing popularity at that point. The closest it ever got to finding its way to America was the presence of Superstar Gogos on a licensed calendar. The Edge series presumably would've been released in North America as well, if Superstar had been released there.
    • There would have been a set of Gogos based off of Pokémon released in 1998, but Magic Box Int.'s deal with Nintendo expired without a Pokemon set of Gogos released.
    • An animated TV series based off of the toy series was being produced in 2012, but it got cancelled after the pilot was released on YouTube.
    • The Mega Metropolis series was going to be released in North America under the name "Fusion", but it never got released there due to the toy's popularity dying out.
    • A prototype of a Mini Gogo version of Mosh exists. Since all of the officially released Mini Gogos from the Mega Metropolis series are characters originally from the Evolution series, the existence of the prototype implies that Series 1 characters would've been used as Mini Gogos instead.
  • The Wiki Rule: It's got one. The wiki also has info on copycat products such as Jojo's Bouncin' Boneheads, Toonz/Blinku, and even bootlegs of the actual Gogos.

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