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  • Actor-Shared Background: Mariah Carey, like her character Billie, is half-African-American and half-Caucasian.
  • Box Office Bomb: Its $5 million turn against a $22 million budget, along with the similar flop of the accompanying soundtrack album, sent Mariah Carey's career into recession for several years. The significant losses caused by Glitter's failure is also believed to have played a hand in Virgin Records losing not only Carey, but also David Bowie, whose album Toy was shelved by the label for not being the post-Glitter financial safety net they were hoping for (along with possible copyright issues regarding the songs included). Being released the weekend after 9/11 (in what was already a traditionally poor month) couldn't have helped Glitter either.
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  • California Doubling: All the scenes set in New York were really filmed in Toronto, which makes the establishing shots all the funnier as you can recognize a lot of Toronto landmarks as they pan across the city.
  • Creator Killer: Director Vondie Curtis-Hall had a well-received debut with Gridlock'd, but this film put the skids on his directing career. Afterwards he mostly went back to acting, with the occasional TV directing credit.
  • Cut Song: A rather ugly case with the original version of "Loverboy", which used a sample of Yellow Magic Orchestra's cover of the 1959 Martin Denny song "Firecracker". Carey had originally been cleared to use the sample, but an acrimonious divorce from Sony Music executive Tony Mottola resulted in the latter giving the sample rights to Jennifer Lopez for her own single "I'm Real" instead. Carey, having made a Channel Hop to the EMI-owned Virgin Records, thus couldn't legally use the sample anymore, and was forced to replace it with one from "Candy" by Cameo. A snippet of the "Firecracker" version of "Loverboy" can be heard in the trailer for Glitter, and the full version was eventually included on the 2020 compilation The Rarities, by which point Carey was back on a Sony-owned label.
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  • Fake American: Max Beesley, who is British.
  • Fake Mixed Race: Isabel Gomes, a Brazilian actress, plays young Billie, who is biracial of African and Caucasian ancestry.
  • Fake Nationality: Spicy Latina Roxanne's actress, Tia Texada, is actually Ecuadorian-American.
  • Old Shame: In an interview with Watch What Happens Live, Mariah Carey admits to regretting making this film.
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