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  • Actor Allusion:
    • Actually inverted in the case of IDW, whose seiyuu later lent her voice to San Diego, the equally-infamous Cute, but Cacophonic light cruiser in Azur Lane. Incidentally, both San Diego and IDW have a construction time of 1:10:00. The many similarities between them have not gone unnoticed by the playerbases.
    • In the "A Midsummer's Night Fantasy" login screen, Welrod is seen singing. Her voice actress, Asami Imai, is a talented singer, with her most famous role being Chihaya Kisaragi of The iDOLM@STER franchise.
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  • Ascended Fanon: SPAS-12's name (Sabrina) and her riot shield is canonized in her summer cafe story, along with hints of her past before joining G&K. See Word of Saint Paul below for more details.
  • Fan Nickname: has tons and tons.
    • T-Dolls as a whole are called "raifus", a portmanteau of "rifle" and "waifu".
    • "African Cannon" for NTW-20, due to her being an Anti-Materiel Rifle made in South Africa, and her skill acts like a cannon.
    • "African Commander" for free players who don't spend money in the game, synonymous with poverty.note 
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    • "Beggar Run" or "Corpse Dragging" is for a certain trick used to reduce ammo and food consumption during farming runs. It involves switching dolls around so that only damage dealer dolls are supplied with food and ammo, while the damage tanking dolls at the front are left as meat shields, unable to attack.
      • "Rich Run" refers to farming while fully supplying all your dolls.
      • "Zas-Run" refers to a very unique variation of the beggar run that uses Zastava's skill to wipe out a large number of armored weak units. It is often done in very specific stages such as 6-3N or 8-1N.
    • The combination of IWS-2000, Stetchkin, Five-SeveN, M950A, and Welrod Mk.2 is named "Exodia Squad" for the card combination in a certain card game. The name comes from the fact that a) the combination maximizes the firepower of IWS-2000's skill, and b) all of the dolls used in this combination are notoriously rare and hard to get.
      • A similar combination that uses a mod 2 or 3 M4A1 instead of IWS is called "M4-dia squad".
      • IWS herself under these formations is also nicknamed "Griffon's Jupiter" or "Griffon Cannon" due to her immense firepower.
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    • "Grenade Squad" refers to a AR-SMG combination that employs ARs with grenade or other similar splash damage skills.
    • "Tankbuster" refers to the abnormal combination of 4 machine guns and one doll with high mobility (usually Contender or AR), devised solely to combat the tanks in the singularity event. The four M Gs mow down all of the tanks' escorts before the tanks fire, and then immediately retreat to avoid damage from the tank fire. The AR(or contender) doll then runs around, avoiding tank fire, until it finally runs up to the tanks' blind spot, and then chips away at the now-inert tanks.
    • M950A has "Calico". She also has "Seaweed" for her hairstyle.
    • Welrod Mk.2 is called "Bakana" in the Korean server fandom, due to her infamously horrible, out-of-character voice acting.
    • "Slutbunny" for SR-3MP, a combination of her rabbit motif and her rather revealing and practically non-existent outfit.
    • Generally, if a doll's name even sort of looks like an existing word, you can bet that the English-speaking fanbase will latch onto it. The most popular by a wide margin is "Shrimp" for the aforementioned SR-3MP because of how well it fits, while OTs-12 Tiss is often called "Oats" just because it's easier.
    • MP5 is called "Milk" because of her white hair and her dialogue.
      • In this context, MP5's exclusive equipment is called "Milk Carton".
    • RO635 is often called "Ro-chan" in the Korean server.
      • After she got converted into a Dinergate by SOP II in a desperate attempt to save her life, her Dinergate form is often nicknamed "RORO" or "ROnergate".
    • "German Emperor" for Kar98K, due to her majestic attire and attitude.
      • She is also called "Boots" in the Korean Server fandom.
    • "Little Monster" for HK416, due to her Hidden Buxom.note 
    • G11 is called "Sleepyhead", for obvious reasons.
    • OTs-14 Groza is called "Night battle queen" for her extremely powerful skill in night battles.
    • 9A-91 is called "Night battle princess" for her significantly powerful skill in night battles.
    • T91 is mockingly called "Night battle lady-in-waiting" for being very weak overall, and her skill that only activates in night battles being weak.
    • ST AR-15 is often called "Star-chan".
      • Her exclusive equipment, the .300 AAC Blackout ammunition, are often called "Black Rounds".
    • The sister dolls Type 95 and Type 97 are called "Chinese Sisters".
    • G41 is called "Puppy" for her appearance and behavior resembling those of a dog and "Homete" for her voice line. The English fandom also nicknames her "Doggo" due to said dog behavior.
      • Similarly, due to SOPMOD's puppy-like behavior to the Commander, she's been nicknamed "Soppo" by the fans, a portmanteau of SOPMOD and Doggo.
      • Also to note, ART556 is often called "Green Homete" for her similar appearance to G41 but differing color palette
    • FNC is called "Choco" for her craving of chocolates.
    • The sister dolls Carcano M1891 and Carcano M91/38 are collectively called "Carcano Sisters".
      • Individually, they have "Strawberry-cano" and "Grape-cano", respectively, in the Korean fandom. The name comes from their overall color schemes.
    • WA2000 is often called "WA-chan" or just "Wa" in the Korean server fandom.
    • Lee-Enfield's child costume is sometimes referred to as "Loli-Enfield" or "Loli-en".
    • Any rifle T-dolls with either the aimed or interdiction shot skillsnote  are known as "bamboos", a term that originated on the Korean server due to the tendency for Korean MMOs to include some sort of bamboo rod or stick as a very powerful weapon. "Bamboo" rifles that have skills with an initial cooldown of 10 seconds are called "small bamboos", and the ones with 15 seconds are called "Large bamboos".
    • Negev's child costume is called "Logev".
    • "Captain China" for Type 97 Shotgun, due to her carrying a circular shield with a red star emblem, resembling Captain America.
    • "Milk Shotgun" for M37, as of the introduction of her summer outfit.
    • Super-shorty is often just called "Shorty".
    • The Sangvis Ferri Destroyer has "Dis-Loli" due to her childish proportions and personality.
      • Her alternate form Gaia, due to its more mature appearance, is nicknamed "Dis-Sis".
    • "The Big Four" refer to the four best general-purpose machine guns in the game. The group consists of MG5, PKP, PK, and M2HB. They get this treatment as their passive skills are some of the best skills for a machine gun in the game.
    • "Lord Tachanka's wife" for DP28, which spawned from the Rainbow Six Siege community where a modified DP28/RP46 on a stand is the signature weapon of said character. Some fanarts of DP28 even has her using the same setup, or being ''used'' as the MG in said setup.
    • "Sopa de macaco"note : Taurus MT-12, due to the eponymous meme that the internet has associated with Brazil.
    • "Gundam" for Doppelsoldners.
    • Commanders that treat their T-Dolls badly or being mean to them in fan comics are called "Shitkicunt", a portmanteau of "Shit", the romanization of the Japanese word Commander, "Shikikan", and '"Cunt".
    • Persica is called "Cat Mom" by fans due to her cat ears and how she treats the Anti-Rain Team like her daughters and the fact in the lore she helped design the current generation of T-Dolls.
    • "NVidia" and "AMD" for the fire control chips for M1918 BAR and the UMP trio, respectively, due to their similar appearances to the GPU units from said manufacturers. M1918's chip is even named "Titan", just to further drill the point home.
    • Similarly, Ameli's unique upgrade chipset is called "RAMs", due to them being literally an array of 3 RAM cards.
    • Among the South Korean fandom, M16A1 is sometimes called "Old Brother" due to the fact that many players carried the actual weapon during their mandatory service in the military, before it was replaced with indigenous rifles.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff:
    • The game is popular in South Korea, with promotional materials and even official licensed merch being marketed specifically for players of the Korean version.
    • The EN release of the game attracted a strong worldwide following that is steadily growing.
    • The Japanese are big fans of the game to the point according to statistics, the Japanese server made the most profit than the other servers combined!
  • God Never Said That: The seemingly "official" side-story collection, "T-Doll Maintenance Manual", is anything but official. This collection contains nothing more than fanfiction written by Chinese players.
  • Jossed: Despite a popular fan theory, Mica Team has revealed that A-Dolls and T-Dolls do not possess an artificial womb to help them get pregnant and give birth to human children.
  • Market-Based Title: Dolls' Frontline (ドールズフロントライン) for the Japanese version due to trademark and publisher dispute, detailed on What Could Have Been below.
  • Meme Acknowledgement:
    • Many players speculated that Five-SeveN was simply the human form of FAL's ferret because of her clothing and accessories. This was acknowledge for April Fools' of 2017, where Five-SeveN's combat chibi was replaced with FAL's ferret, now human-sized, holding her gun.
    • When TMP was released, her description was glitched and she repeated "commander commander commander..." in Simplified Chinese script (yes, even the Korean server had the repeating in Simplified Chinese), leading to fans speculating that she might be a Yandere. The developers themselves were aware of the glitch, and as a result, they reposted a fanart from Twitter, with a comment:
    TMP: Commander, what do you want me to say?
    • Some of the tutorial comics on the website or which display while you're updating the game poke fun at the sheer ubiquity of IDW.
      • One, discussing production of T-Dolls, has IDW result from the production, to which one character claims that IDW is always produced because everybody loves cats. Another talks about the amount of space the game requires, and depicts downloading the game as a faucet with "DATA" stamped on it, pouring out an endless stream of tiny IDWs. This is taken a step further with Carcano M91/38's T-Doll production line:
      Carcano M91/38: Commander, looks like it's IDW again.
      • Another comic has Persica complain about the impossibility of obtaining IDW through Heavy Production, which is primarily intended for shotguns. Ironically, she makes no mention of M500, a shotgun T-Doll who is also a Cat Girl and is frequently shown together with IDW in fanart.
      Persica: (while petting IDW) Note that you can't get our cute cat through Heavy Production. (What?! Cats are so adorable, though...)
  • Playing Against Type:
    • Mamiko Noto, who normally plays shy and soft-spoken girls, plays the loud and cheerful UMP9 here.
    • The Tsundere Queen, Rie Kugimiya, as the sweet and affectionate G41.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Due to many female voice actors in this game, it's not hard to know which ones are connected to different series:
  • What Could Have Been:
    • During the game's early days, circa early-mid 2016, there were plans to expand into the Japanese market with a server for that country, and not only was partial voice acting in Japanese added, (for all version) but a timed-exclusive T-doll for that version, based on the Nambu Type 100 sub-machine gun, was drawn up for it. Shortly afterward, MICA had a falling out with the company that would've hosted the Japanese version (YoStar, who would later host the Japanese version of Azur Lane), and would not consider starting a Japanese server again until early 2018, with a beta for it officially starting on June 29th the same year, including having the Type 100 be the face of that version. However the "English" title for the Japanese version was retitled as Dolls' Frontline (ドールズフロントライン) as YoStar still held the rights to the Japanese use of the name "Girls' Frontline". Furthermore, to avoid confusion, the "Shoujo Senzen!" soundbite does not play in the splash screen for the Japanese version.
    • The Daewoo K7 sub-machine gun was due for introduction for the CN/TW/KR servers along with 4 other T-Dolls (Daewoo K5 pistol, CBJ-MS SMG, H&K XM8, and Desert Tech MDR) in the middle of March 2018, and all 5 of these T-dolls had full art available and full profiles written up. However, the K7 was pulled at the very last minute following massive backlash from Korean players, and it wasn't about the art or anything stat-related. To elaborate, when her full profile and art were put up a few days prior, Korean players recognized the artist as having retweeted content posted by Korean pro-ultra-radical feminists, such as those from the infamous "Megalia" group, and their outrage and backlash practically forced MICA to take action and pull K7, out of fear that this ruckus would catch the unwanted attention of the Ministry Of Cultural Affairs in their native China and possibly lead to serious consequences if they intervened, until they can figure out exactly how to handle this debacle.
    • Tech-savvy users perusing through the Chinese 2.030 client discovered assets for Isara, Aliasse, Juliana, and Riela. Shortly after, it was revealed that a planned Valkyria Chronicles collaboration had fallen through due to MICA getting screwed out of the deal by SEGA in pretty much the same way in which YoStar screwed them over.
    • NTW-20's artist, RAN, noted some regret at not making her a black girl after only learning the gun in question came from South Africa after designing the character.
    • A pre-alpha trailer of the game reveals how different the gameplay was before it was officially released with M4A1 even having a different voice actor then.
    • The 1st official artbook revealed a Sangvis Ferri Boss that rides a Motorcycle named "Beak" was gonna appear in the game much earlier before finally appearing in the Operation Izomer event.
    • A 4th Heavy Ordnance Corps team, AT4, was also going to appear in the Continuum Turbulence event but didn't.
    • The 3* SMG KGP-9 was scrubbed from the game due to her design being almost a one-to-one trace of Poharan from Blade & Soul. Because of this, the developers have purged nearly everything related to her from the game's files, despite some of them being datamined as far back as Operation Singularity.
  • The Wiki Rule: Three of them, even: Girls Frontline English Wikia, Girls' Frontline Wiki and Girls Frontline Wikia. Ironically enough, these sites apart from the second one really Needs Wiki Magic Love, due to understaffing, which leads to their generally lacking content and inability to keep up with content releases.
  • Word of Saint Paul: Though their canonicity is debatable, some of the game's illustrators shed more light on the of the T-Dolls they designed. Most of the following information came from the respective artists' weibo.
    • SPAS-12 once wore a very different outfit, which prominently displays an altered version of the G.I.S. emblem. When asked if this was an old draft, her illustrator replied that "it's what she was before she became SPAS-12".
    • SAT8 worked many different jobs as an A-Doll, from peddling cookies in the streets to a personal baby sitter. She was already experienced in human interaction once G&K recruits her.
    • Thunder was an obsolete doll with no proper job to speak of. Though she was born with vivid emotions (to the point that she can be considered more "human" than other dolls), her experiences with the "dark side of human world" led her to adopt her current aloof personality. She is also an avid First-Person Shooter player in her spare time.
    • G36 suffers from hyperopia. Her mean-looking face is just her squinting to focus on nearby objects. The glasses she wears in her Petit Waitress outfit were given by the Commander. She also likes to sing when she is alone.
    • Negev is actually shy and adopted a yandere persona after finding out that it's easier to communicate while acting like that. The blood on her clothes is actually ketchup, her hair's original color is like Galil's and her clothing is inspired by her late senpai, Jericho.

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