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Trivia / Ghosts Can't Do It

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  • Colbert Bump: The film received an upsurge in interest following Donald Trump's entry into the 2016 US presidential election.
  • Creator Killer: Star Bo Derek's husband John Derek saw a fatal blowback to his career; he didn't direct another movie before his death, though he did have a few acting roles after this film was released.
  • Reality Subtext: Many saw the main couple as a parallel between the director-actress couple John and Bo Derek, who had a similar age gap.
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  • Star-Derailing Role: Bo Derek herself saw a demotion to the B-list of actresses with her performance and multi-Razzie wins in this film and Bolero.

  • Donald Trump won Worst Supporting Actor at the Golden Raspberry Awards for his cameo As Himself in this movie. After he won the 2016 U.S. presidential election, he retroactively became the second of three U.S. Presidents to have won Razzies: Ronald Reagan received a special "Worst Career Achievement" award at the original ceremony in 1981, not long after he was inaugurated as President (as he had famously been an actor before entering politics), and George W. Bush won Worst Actor for 2004's Fahrenheit 9/11 (again, As Himself). Trump's win also made him the only one to win before taking office, since this film predated his full entry into politics by over 20 years.

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