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Trivia / Getting Back on Your Hooves

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  • What Could Have Been:
    • The Ropen's role was originally meant to be given to the hydra in Froggy Bottom Bog, but Word of God said they felt something more unique was needed for the part.
    • The Ropen was originally supposed to be the Final Boss, with the story ending shortly there after with Checker having a very brief role. However, the writer decided Trixie still had a lot of growing to do and expanded on the story greatly.
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    • Checker's Shapeshifter Guilt Trip to Twilight was originally going to be of Celestia telling Twilight she's been arrested for apparently destroying Ponyville with her out of control magic. After Twilight believes it was caused by Checker's Taking You with Me attack, 'Celestia' states that Checker was never in Ponyville and the confrontation with her was her hallucinating due to Trixie abandoning her (instead of being kidnapped by Checker) before Twilight finally finds A Glitch in the Matrix to retake control. This was abandoned for being seen as too dark.
    • Several endings were considered, which varied in multiple ways. One of the biggest was that Checker originally would've escaped after the dream confrontation...only to actually die in some way afterwards, ranging from a chase in her chariot resulting in her falling to her death to her running into the Everfree and being heavily implied to be eaten by the Ropen.
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    • There were plans for Checker to try to kill Pinkie by rigging an oven in Sugarcube Corner to explode, but these were scrapped due to coming off as too dark for the Original Flavor feel.

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