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Trivia / Getsuyoubi no Tawawa

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  • Meaningful Release Date: Several of the images are based on either something that happened that day or in the week ahead. Some also reference Japanese Holidays:
    • The Marine Day chapters typically have a couple or two (attempt to) go to the beach.
    • #75 happened during the week of the Koshien qualifying rounds.
    • #137 took place on the same day Nippon Television held their yearly airing of Castle in the Sky.
    • #157 is based on Team Japan's legendary performance in Women's Curling during the 2018 Winter Olympics.
    • #173 was posted in June, the go-to month for weddings.
    • #174 and #175 were drawn while the 2018 World Cup was going on.
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    • #204 was a stealthy reference to Coming of Age Day.
    • #215 has Himura ring in the Reiwa Era's naming by announcing a Hotter and Sexier R18 spinoff about Maegami, Kouhai, and I-chan...with a release date of Heisei 31. Whoops.
    • #228 was released the same week as a television airing of Your Name.
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things: The first episode of the ONA was originally put up on Youtube as well as niconico. Unfortunately, a few "Youtube Heroes" that thought the series was hardcore ecchi thanks to the girls' proportions ended up flagging the video multiple times until it was taken down. The rest of the episodes would be niconico-exclusive from then on.
  • Write What You Know: I-chan's salaryman boyfriend was based on Himura's own experiences as a salaryman, particularly the pervading feeling of hopelessness.

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