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  • Follow the Leader: The "ID something from behind a wall of gradually revealed squares" aspect smacks a bit of both Concentration and Catchphrase, though they use plain pictures, not rebuses or animated Visual Puns. Having to play "Dots" to reveal something is a bit like All-Star Blitz, though there aren't any celebrities, or word puzzles.
  • No Budget: They slashed the budget big-time for Season 2. The game was played for points instead of dollars, the first six Mega Memory pictures were cut in half to $100 apiece - not to mention the drastic cut to the time limit. This was because, with the exception of Family Double Dare, this was the biggest "big money" game show Nick produced, as the total haul in Season 1 could exceed $5,000-$6,000. Season 2's haul was about $3,000-$4,000; granted, most of that was prizes, as the only cash that could be earned was $600, compared to the $1,200+ in Season 1.


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