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Trivia / Genesis Climber MOSPEADA

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  • Dueling Dubs: Aside from being dubbed as the third season of Robotech, the first episode had earlier been dubbed by Harmony Gold with a different cast and a slightly more faithful script as an unsuccessful standalone pilot. It's included as a bonus feature on DVD releases.
  • Dueling Shows: Compare Super Dimension Fortress Macross. In fact, Artmic had been cast off Macross in favor of Kawamori's Studio Nue.
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  • What Could Have Been: Carl Macek originally didn't intend to use Mospeada in Robotech, as his original plans would've used the second Super Dimension anime, Super Dimension Century Orguss, as the second season, and Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross as the third. However, he was unable to secure the rights to Orguss, resulting in Southern Cross getting bumped up to the second season, and Mospeada was brought in.

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