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Trivia / GEAR Fighter Dendoh

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  • No Export for You: This article brought to you by fansubs, Hong Kong bootleg subs, and a half-translated copy of Super Robot Wars R, although there is a fansub in the works based off the Italian version.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Some key elements in the show were supposed to be for Sunrise's next Brave show after GaoGaiGar, Brave Saint Baan Gaan. But since the show didn't materialize, said elements came to fruition in this show.
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    • It incorporates a lot of unused elements from Project Z, a proposed third GaoGaiGar show, most notably the two protagonists being patterned after Mamoru and Kaidou. The nonsensical idea of two kids being forced to pilot a Motion Capture Mecha together was originally a somewhat more understandable result of the two protagonists having to use their alien powers to fuel the new all-human-built GaoGaiGar's abilities (most notably its Hell and Heaven attack) in the absence of an (original) G-Stone, as the last one was trapped on the other side of the galaxy with Guy and Galeon at the end of FINAL.

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