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Trivia / Gaston Lagaffe

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  • Author Existence Failure: The series was discontinued after Franquin's death.
    • This is shown in a somewhat chilling way with the last sketch (Number 913), which Franquin had started working on. His death had come very sudden, as all but two panels have been sketched with pencil and a third of these had been inked. You almost feel him starting to work on it, never suspecting it would stay unfinished.
  • Completely Different Title: The main character gets a local name in some translations, so the title of the comic changes to reflect this fact. He is called Guust Flater in Dutch, Tomás el Gafe in Spanish, Sergi Grapes in Catalan, Viggo in Norwegian, Danish and Icelandic, Niilo Pielinen in Finnish, Gaša Šeprtlja in Serbian and Şapşal Gazi in Turkish.
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  • Creator Breakdown: Bertand Labévue started as a generic lunatic guy and become depressive only after Franquin dealt with depressions.
  • Mathematician's Answer: For a couple of years, the comic was published in the Dutch comics magazine Eppo, with a different translation implying that he worked for Eppo instead of Spirou. Once, a confused reader wrote in to ask whether Gaston worked for Spirou or Eppo, to which the Eppo redaction replied, "Gaston does not work, no matter where he is."

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