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Trivia / Garfield's Scary Scavenger Hunt

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Mini Cinnamon donuts when you won them back in 2015
  • Clumsy Copyright Censorship: Since 2015, in the second game, ALL copyrighted images of Perfection Pastries have been removed so that almost everything you collect in the game simply doesn't have any pictures of pastry and just the words or names on it OR if there are pictures of pastry on the boxes, then there's no Garfield or Odie or Perfection Pastries logo on it. The "Assorted Donuts" shell game is an exception because you can see the Garfield, Odie and Perfection Pastries images on the donuts box when you click the correct cup but not when there's a close-up on the box right before the game begins. This very much kills the joy and point of playing the whole game.
    • The first game doesn't seem too affected by this though.
  • Digital Destruction: Because of an unknown cause, at the end of the first game you cannot see Garfield happily zipping off-camera to go eat the donuts. Instead, when you finish the last puzzle the screen immediately pans to Garfield lying down on the ground satisfied and full from eating them all.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Garfield's entire official website has axed its digital card games, eCard services, funny animated videos such as "Cool School Code of Nevers", they removed music and animation from their game section, discontinued its archive of Garfield and Friends episode list and episode descriptions. Garfield's merchandise appears to have shifted away from advancing his own website onto social platforms and mobile games - one of them just being a Pokémon GO rip-off.


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