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Trivia / Garbage Pail Kids

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  • Banned in Mexico: In 2005, Mexico create a "so called" anti-Garbage Pail Kids article within their General Import and Export Tax Law that bans the import and export of these cards in the country. The article reads: "any type of stickers printed in color or in white and black, presented for sale in envelopes or packages, even when they include chewing gum, candy or any other type of articles, containing drawings, figures or illustrations that represent children in a degrading or ridiculous manner, in attitudes of incitement to violence, self-destruction or any other form of antisocial behavior, known as Garbage Pail Kids, for example, printed by any company or business name."
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  • The Wiki Rule: The Garbage Pail Kids Wiki.
  • At the height of the Kids' success, Topps was sued by Original Appalachian Artworks, the makers of the Cabbage Patch Kids, for copyright and trademark infringement; Topps argued that their product was a parody/satire of the Cabbage Patch Kids and thus allowed by Fair Use, but the court proved that it was just a cash-in on the success of the plaintiffs' product, intended to be as similar to it as possible to mislead audiences, down to the similar-sounding title. The GPK were redesigned after the court ruling to be less similar in appearance to the Cabbage Patch Kids (the name was retained, though), although this only decreased their immense popularity, further proving the court correct. To say nothing of what happened when the card's film adaptation was released...

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